Laboratory safety

Having in place specific procedures for laboratories is crucial in ensuring the safety of staff and students who work in these areas.

Key safety points

  1. Ensure you keep your work area clean and tidy.
  2. Working alone is not recommended. If however, it is required an assessment of the risks associated with each identified working alone situation shall be completed in consultation with those working alone to formulate practical solutions to manage working alone situations. The risk assessment should be completed in accordance with the Risk Management Guidelines and the Working Alone and After Hours Work Guidelines.
  3. Ensure appropriate personal protective equipment is worn at all times. The type of equipment needed will depend on the types of activities you will be performing, any chemicals used, any biological materials handled, any radio-isotopes used and any equipment used.
  4. Know what to do in an emergency and know where all the emergency equipment is located.

More information on specific hazards such as chemicals management can be in the safety topics menu.