Fieldwork involves tasks undertaken by University employees, students, collaborators and volunteers for research, teaching or instruction at locations which are not considered to be UOW workplaces.


Q. What types of activities are considered fieldwork?

A. Fieldwork is any work undertaken off campus to gain data/information, but does not include conferences, meetings, development leave, visits to other institutions or training courses.  

Q. Do I need to perform a risk assessment for all fieldwork activities?

A. It is a requirement to conduct a risk assessment for all fieldwork and off-campus activities including low risk activities.

Q. Are volunteers covered by insurance?

A. Volunteers have limited insurance cover when undertaking fieldwork activities. All Fieldwork volunteers should be informed of the extent of insurance provisions prior to commencing the fieldwork. For more information see the Fieldwork and Off-Campus Activities Safety Manual and Guidelines.

Q. Am I allowed to undertake my fieldwork alone?

A. A Supervisor must only approve appropriately skilled and experienced staff and students to carry out independent fieldwork activities. In these situations, a more detailed fieldwork communication and emergency response plan may be required. High-risk fieldwork must never be carried out alone.

Q. Can people with medical conditions able to participate in fieldwork activities?

A. It is the responsibility of participants to carry any required medications for personal use and have medical clearance from their medical practitioner to perform any activities that may impact on an existing medical condition. It is not appropriate for participants with a potentially life threatening medical condition to participate in fieldwork activities at remote locations.