Barbecues (BBQs)

Gas barbecues

Gas barbecues and associated connections are regularly responsible for fires, injuries and damage to property.

Most fires involving barbecues are due to leaking gas bottles, faulty connections or a build-up of grease and fat. It is important to make sure that the barbecue is serviced and maintained correctly and that the condition of all hoses and connections are checked before each use. The barbecue should be clean before use, do not leave food cooking unattended and do not put the barbecue close to combustible materials. For gas barbecues, a garden hose or other continuous supply of water nearby should be available.

Key safety points:

  1. You should always check that all of hoses and connections are in good condition before use and check for any leaks. In addition you must ensure the cylinder is in date and ensure that the BBQ is clean before using. Follow all the controls advised in the UOW BBQ risk assessment and see the NSW fire rescue fact sheet for more information.
  2. Never use a gas BBQ inside as they are designed for outdoor use only. If you need to use the BBQ in a covered area ensure it is keep away from buildings and entrances.
  3. Ensure appropriate fire fighting equipment is nearby and available such as fire blanket and fire extinguisher. Never place water on an oil or fat fire.
  4. Gas Cylinders are required to be stored in a well ventilated space such as a cage outdoors.