Waste bins

General waste (landfill) bins

General waste (landfill) bins have red lids and/or signage. Materials disposed in the general waste bins go to landfill.

Items that belong in the general waste bin

  • disposable coffee cups and paper and fibre-based takeaway containers 
  • non-recyclable hard plastic items (these items do not have a plastic code 1 -5)
  • soft plastics such as plastic bags, wrap and chip packets #
  • light globes and window glass
  • all polystyrene items #
  • paper towels, tissues and serviettes 
  • food scraps e.g. bread, fruit, coffee grounds.  (Use a food waste bin if there is one available)


# Soft plastics and some polystyrene can also be recycled just not via the co-mingled recycling bins.  Refer to Other recycling options page for more details.

Items that do not belong in the general waste bin

There are a number of items that can't be disposed in the general waste bins. 

  • building or demolition materials (e.g. bricks, floor or roof tiles, carpet or concrete) 
  • hazardous waste and liquid wastes (e.g. batteries, chemicals, oils, solvents, brake fluid)
  • scrap metal 
  • soil, sand and rocks
  • hot ash
  • syringes
  • furniture and other bulky waste
  • electronic waste

Download a poster for your general waste bin