Thomas Fisher


PhD Title: Space for cycling?: Infrastructure and Embodied Experiences of Cyclists in an Australian Regional Centre

Major efforts are being made to improve cycling infrastructure in a bid to unleash the environmental and social benefits of increased cycling. In this context, my research concerns everyday embodied experiences of cycling, cyclists' subjectivities and associated bodily capacities and the ways these interact with existent infrastructure. My research is based in a regional context, where major new cycling infrastructure is uncommon and an improved understanding of embodied and social aspects of the experience may enable society to make better use of what is already there (or with less expensive interventions than major engineering works).

My Master of Urban and Regional Planning (UNE), explored Local Governments implementation of State Government cycling policies and identified a major disconnect in regional areas between Local Governments actions on-the-ground and State strategy aspirations. My prior work experience—in local government cycling infrastructure project planning and delivery, and road safety auditing and as a Road Safety Officer working in community consultation, social marketing campaigns, stakeholder relationship—feeds directly into my research interests.

I currently convene the Transport Group of Sustainable Living, Armidale, and have advocated with local community for better cycling conditions, for over a decade.