Binus University

Credit for prior learning

The following Binus University courses have credit for prior learning available. Please select the course for further details. 

Binus University Courses

Course details

Course: Bachelor of Computer Science

Marks required for maximum credit exemption: 65%

Maximum credit exemptions: 96 credit points (2 years)

Course Completed: No (Completion of the first 6 semesters of the Binus University Bachelor of Computer Science program)

Summary of course duration at UOW if maximum credit exemption granted

UOW course UOW major UOW Faculty Number of years to complete Session of entry
Bachelor of Computer Science

All majors 

Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences  1 years  Autumn and Spring

Maximum credit exemptions

Insitution subject code Institution Subject Name UOW subject Code UOW subject name Credit points
COMP6502 OR COMP6047001

Introduction to Programming
Algorithm and Programming

CSIT111 Programming Fundamentals 6
COMP6056 OR COMP6798001

Program Design Methods
Program Design Methods

CSIT113 Problem Solving 6
COMP6506001 OR COMP6100001

Pervasive Software Engineering
Software Engineering

CSIT114 System Analysis 6
COMP6504 OR COMP6697001 +COMP6705001

Computer Architecture and Operating Systems
Operating Systems + Distributed Systems


Data Management & Security 6
CPEN6212 OR CPEN6234001 OR CPEN6247001

Computer Networks and Security
Computer Systems and Networks
Computer Networks

CSIT127 Networks & Communications 6
COMP6343 OR COMP6703001

Web Application Development and Security
Web Application Development and Security

CSIT128 Introduction to Web Technology 6
COMP6510 OR COMP6699  OR COMP6699001

Programming Languages
Object Oriented Programming

CSIT121 Object Oriented Design & Programming 6
COMP6341 OR COMP6800001

Multimedia and Human Computer Interaction
Human and Computer Interaction

CSIT226 Human Computer Interaction 6
COMP6340 OR COMP6700001 + COMP6570 OR COMP6049001 + MATH6025001


Analysis of Algorithms   
Discrete Structures                  
Algorithm Design and Analysis
Discrete Mathematics         

CSCI203 Algorithms & Data Structures 6
COMP6572 OR MATH6031001 + MATH6030001

Computational Mathematics
Linear Algebra

MATH221 Mathematics for Computer Science 6

ISYS6169 OR ISYS6169001 OR COMP6799001

Database Systems
Database Technology

CSCI235 Database Systems 6

COMP6571 OR COMP6048001

Data Structures and Algorithms
Data Structures

CSCI251 Advanced Programming 6
ENTR6091 OR ENTR6091005
ENTR6486 OR ENTR6486005

Project Hatchery
Entrepreneurship Hatchery

CSIT214 IT Project Management 6
Total specified credit 78
Unspecified credit at 100-level 18
Maximum eligible credit points of credit transfer 96

Additional course requirements

Additional information regarding course requirements, areas of major study and double majors can be found in the UOW Course Handbook.

English language requirements

Further information regarding UOW English language requirements and additional course information can be found under additional entry requirements.

The information contained on this website is a guide only and is subject to change according to any amendments to the curriculum of the University of Wollongong or the institutions listed on this website. You will be advised of your eligibility for admission and for credit exemption after receipt of your formal application in your formal letter of offer.