Otaru University

Otaru University of Commerce

City: Otaru
Country: Japan
Language of instruction: Classes taught in English

About: Otaru University of Commerce is and has been a center of social sciences and humanities in northern Japan. Reflecting its history of having been established as Otaru Higher Commercial School, the university has been emphasizing the link between theory and practice, in addition to its solid academic foundation. Its strength in foreign language education is a consequence of this practical attitude. For both business and academic activities, practical ability in foreign languages is critically important.

Otaru is famous throughout Japan for its superb sushi. There is even an avenue called Sushi Street (Sushiya Dori), which once was home to more than 100 sushi restaurants. Otaru also has easy access to venues for snow sports, hiking, rock climbing, sea kayaking and more.

Useful info:


  • The International House: A 20 Square Meters Single Room with Kitchen and Bathroom.


  • Business, Commerce, Economics and the Japanese language (Culture)
  • Credit load: Minimum of 10 hours per week of class room attendance per semester.