Chung-Ang University

Chung-Ang University

City: Seoul
Country: South Korea
Length of study (1 or 2 semesters): 1 or 2 semesters
Language of instruction: Korean (approx. 600 courses available in English)

About: Chung-Ang University is a private institution with 30,000 students and 982 faculty members. It consists of 10 undergraduate colleges and 16 graduate schools. It operates two campuses, in Seoul and Anseong, Korea. Furthermore, CAU is recognized as the nation’s best in the fields of pharmacy, culture and art education. With the help of its schools of art and culture, the university stands at the center of the Korean culture wave, currently sweeping Asia and beyond. As a major private institution, Chung-Ang University is fully committed to guiding its Korean and international students to envision their life goals and achieve their maximum potential in the increasingly competitive global society.

Useful info:


  • Accommodation: Student housing is guaranteed and organised by the university. Students will pay approximately $1,200 USD for a place in the dormitory. This does not include meal plans. If students are interested in dormitory meal plans, they will be able to apply upon arrival within the first 2 weeks of the school semester.
  • Other, please specify: Living costs are estimated at $6,000 per semester; health insurance can be purchased for $60.00, but is not compulsory. The University also offers a pick up service from Incheon International Airport on selected dates (TBA).


  • CAU Courses in English are all available to exchange students. Students can find course descriptions with the CAU Course Finder. CAU will send out the finalized course listings approximately 1-2 months prior to the start of the semester.
  • Credit load: CAU requires a minimum of 15 credits per semester (and a maximum of 19). Average class times range from 50-75 minutes. If students wish to enrol in less, they must obtain permission from their coordinator, who must send an email giving permission and citing reasons for enrolling in a reduced course load.

Subject restrictions: The following schools and departments are restricted to degree seeking students only and therefore are not available for International Exchange Students: School of Medicine; School of Pharmacy; School of Nursing; School of Law; Graduate School except GSIS (Graduate School of International Studies) and MBA.

All major courses in the College of Business & Economics permit only 4 exchange students in each course. Non-majors will be deprioritised and removed if students of that major wish to join the class.