Enrolling in subjects

Enrolling in subjects

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Coursework students can re-enrol by logging into SOLS and selecting ‘Enrolments and Variations’ from the left hand menu (for a detailed walkthrough, click here).  For returning Research students, please go here.

General information regarding re-enrolment processes can be viewed below:

Choosing subjects 

Most degrees have a number of core subjects, i.e., must be completed. There are also elective subjects which you may choose.  For information on subjects available to you for your degree, refer to the Course Handbook for further information.  Specific course questions should be referred to Faculty Centrals for specific Academic advice, they are:   

  1. Business Central (Wollongong and Sydney)
  2. Science, Medicine and Health
  3. Engineering and Information Sciences
  4. Law, Humanities and the Arts; and 
  5. Social Sciences

When to re-enrol?

Re-enrolling processes open at different times for different sessions. To find our the 'first day to enrol' for continuing students, refer to the Key Dates page for information.

HINT: for Autumn and Spring sessions, students will need to re-enrol in at least one subject by the 'last day to re-enrol without a late fee', a late enrolment fee of $100 may be charged.

How to re-enrol?

To re-enrol student's simply:

  • Log into SOLS
  • Select 'Enrolments / Variations' (from the left hand menu) 
  • Enter the subject code in the space provided (HINT: some subjects are offered in more than one session. Be sure to select the correct session); and
  • Click 'add subject'

Please note that some subjects are offered in more that one Campus. Users can see Campus offerings by checking the box in the top right corner for 'List subjects in all campus'.

HINT: student's may need approval to enrol in other Campus instances of subjects.

Changing subjects after enrolment

After enrolment, students are able to vary enrolment details as often as they like (provided changes are made within the permitted date periods).   

To do this student's simply:

  • Log into SOLS; and
  • Select ‘Enrolments / Variations’ (from the left hand menu).

If there is a course restriction it may be due to missing the appropriate time period to enrol in a course.  In these instances, the Subject Addition Form and/or Amendment to Academic Record Form should be completed.  Key dates for addition and withdrawal for subjects can be found on the Key Dates page.  

What happens if a student does not re-enrol? 

Where a student does not re-enrol the course will eventually lapse (usually after six months).  Where courses lapse, and if a student decides to return to UOW they will need to apply for a new offer.  If a student would like to take a break from studies and subsequently return, the processes available here should will be necessary.   

Enrolment system errors

If you get an enrolment error message, this may be due to:

  • the last date to add a subject has passed (refer to Key Dates)
  • the subject is Full, i.e., over quota
  • there is a Course Constraint; or 
  • the student has reached the maximum 'credit points' for enrolling into a Session. 

In these instances, the student will need approval via the relevant Faculty by completed the Subject Addition Form.

Students should also double check they are entering the correct subject code. HINT: there are no spaces between the letters and the numbers in subject codes.

Last reviewed: 14 December, 2017