Enrolling in Subjects

Continuing and re-enrolling

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Coursework students can re-enrol by logging onto SOLS and selecting ‘Enrolments and Variations’ from the left hand menu. For a detailed walkthrough, click here.

For Research students, please refer to the information here.

For other information on re-enrolments, please see the options below:

What subjects should I choose?

Most degrees have a number of core subjects which must be completed, and elective subjects which can be chosen. For details on what subjects you can choose to make up your degree, check out the course handbook.

If you still have questions, you can contact your faculty for some academic advice.

When do I re-enrol?

Re-enrolments will open at different times for different sessions. You can find out the 'first day to enrol for continuing students' on the Key Dates Page.

For Autumn and Spring sessions, you need to re-enrol into at least 1 subject by the 'last day to re-enrol without late fee', or you will incur a $100 late enrolment fee.

How do I re-enrol?

  1. Log into SOLS
  2. Select 'Enrolments & Variations' from the left hand menu
  3. Type the subject code into the text box
    Enrolment Screen 1
  4. Some subjects are offered in more than one session. Make sure you select the correct session and then click 'add subject'

    Some subjects are offered in more that one campus. You can see other campus offerings by checking the box in the top right corner for 'List subjects in all campus'. However you may need approval to enrol in other campus instances of subjects.

Enrolment error messages

First, double check to make sure you are entering the correct subject code. There is no space between the letters and the numbers in subject codes.

If you are seeing any of the following errors, you can follow the actions outlined below:

Status Action
Provisional Follow instructions here
Course Constraint Enrolment is only allowed with permission from the faculty. Complete the subject addition form (or study abroad student subject addition form) for faculty approval.
Over Quota Subject is full. To make a special request to be added, complete the  subject addition form (or study abroad student subject addition form) for faculty approval.
Excess Credit Points The subject you are trying to enrol into will take you over the maximum number of credit points normally allowed. Complete the subject addition form  (or study abroad student subject addition form) for faculty approval.

Can I change subjects after I enrol?

Yes. Once you have enrolled you will be able to vary your enrolment as often as you like, provided you do so within the dates allowed. To do this, log onto SOLS and select ‘Enrolments and Variations’ from the left hand menu. See detailed walkthrough.

If you are unable to access the Subject Addition Form or Amendment to Academic Record Form online, download the paper version:

You should ensure that you are aware of the key dates for addition and withdrawal for your subjects, by checking the Key Dates Page.

Adding subjects late

There are key dates for students to change their enrolments. If you have missed one of these dates, you might still be able to make a special request to have a subject added with faculty approval. For the options available, see the below table:

Date range (see key dates) Action
After last date to add a subject on SOLS, and before last date to add a subject with academic approval. Complete the subject addition form  (or study abroad student subject addition form).
After above - and before 4 weeks after release of results. Students would use this if they sat the subject but were not formally enrolled. Complete the Application to Amend Academic Record Form ($80 fee applies if approved).

What happens if I don't re-enrol?

If you don't re-enrol, your course will eventually lapse (usually after 6 months).

Once your course is lapsed, if you decide to return to UOW, you will apply for a new offer as a new student.

If you would like to take a break from studies and return, check out the information here.

Last reviewed: 22 June, 2017