The Student Charter

Diversity / Enthusiasm / Collaboration / Responsibility / Respect

As a UOW student you are part of a vibrant academic, social, and international community. From your first day, you will discover opportunity and potential. To connect you with campus life, we’ve established your Student Charter.

The Charter outlines a partnership; it defines what we expect from you, and what you can expect from us. You will engage and collaborate, respectfully and responsibly, and revel in the diversity of our global campus. In turn, we will deliver a world class education, and experiences that open a world of opportunity.

About the charter

The Student Charter:

  • is shaped by the University’s mission to excel through providing world-class teaching, learning and research opportunities that challenge, inform and inspire its students in a diverse and inclusive environment.
  • is based on principles that guide all members of the University and that promote responsible partnerships within and beyond the University community. It acknowledges the importance of the connection that is forged between students and staff of the University as well as the broader community.
  • encompasses a commitment to Academic and Research Integrity and the five fundamental values on which this rests: honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility.
  • values the importance of the development of the graduate qualities so that students can become informed and independent learners, problem solvers, effective communicators and responsible individuals.

Your rights

Students can expect that the University of Wollongong will provide:

  • A distinctive experience that will enrich their lives.
  • Appropriate access to facilities, resources and materials that will support student engagement and learning.
  • Guidance, instruction and support from well-informed staff who are motivated and fair in dealing with personal, academic and administrative matters.
  • Timely access to accurate information about programs of study and support services.
  • A dynamic and supportive teaching, learning and research environment that respects and responds to their needs.
  • Opportunities that encourage students to develop career related goals throughout their student experience.
  • A safe and secure environment that is free from discrimination, bullying or harassment.
  • Prompt, open and fair responses to concerns and complaints.
  • Respect for the legal rights of students including matters related to intellectual property, privacy and confidentiality.
  • Access to information that outlines the individual’s rights and responsibilities as a student including University policies, codes, rules and procedures.
  • Opportunities at various levels for student participation in the University’s decision-making processes.
  • An environment that embraces opportunities leading to effective, life-long learning.

Your responsibilities

The University of Wollongong expects that students will meet the following responsibilities:

  • Approach their studies with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.
  • Contribute to the learning and research environment.
  • Develop and uphold the values of academic integrity.
  • Respect the diversity of the University and broader communities.
  • Behave responsibly and honestly in ways that are considerate of the rights and needs of others and refrain from behaviour that may adversely affect the experiences of others.
  • Recognise and respect the cultural background and heritage of others.
  • Access information and services that will support the achievement of personal, academic and career goals.
  • Assume responsibility for monitoring and managing their enrolment and other activities that ensure academic progress.
  • Develop and practise the skills associated with collaboration and collegiality.
  • Explore opportunities for extending and enriching the learning experience by involvement in activities both within and beyond the University environment.
  • Be proactive in the development of life-long learning skills.