Expert Witnesses

Expert Witnesses

Stuart Brett and Deb

UOW researchers are sought around the globe for their expert knowledge and unbiased advice on a range of critical issues such as transportation, infrastructure, electromaterials, nanotechnology, health, science, power and many more.  

If you know of a researcher with the expert knowledge you require, you can contact them directly. Alternatively, if you are unsure whether there is a researcher at UOW with the required knowledge, we will link you with the right researcher for your needs, and guide you through the entire process. If there is no one with the required expertise at UOW we will let you know promptly. For assistance in finding an expert witness, contact Brett Weeden.

The researcher will advise you on costs. ICR will prepare an agreement on the basis of what you have determined with them. For inquires, contact Stuart Parker or Karen McRae from the Innovation & Commercial Research team.

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Last reviewed: 2 March, 2016