Research data management

Research data are the data, records, files or other evidence that comprise research observations, findings or outcomes. These include primary materials and analysed data and can take any form (e.g. print, digital, physical). They relate to data generated in research projects. Please refer to the Research Data Management Policy and the Research Data Management Guidelines and their supporting documents and relevant legislation for more information.


UOW’s data management tool is ReDBox. ReDBox can assist you by provisioning storage, linking data objects to the research project metadata and providing a means to preserve data. ReDBox will allow you to create a Research Data Management Plan for you that aligns with the UOW Data Management Policy and Guidelines.

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Research data management is the processes and actions required to manage data to enable them to be preserved and accessible by a controlled audience for current and future research. 

ReDBox (Research Data Box) is UOW’s data management tool.  It captures the metadata for your research projects as a Research Data Management Plan (RDMP).  Redbox also allows you to request data storage for your project(s) in one of UOW’s recommended storage options that aligns with the UOW Data Management Policy and Guidelines.

For more information on Getting Started with Redbox visit the IMTS Knowledge Base site.

Funders typically require RDMPs to be in place before projects commence. From 2020 all successful applicants for ARC grants will now be required to prepare a data management plan before the project starts.

An RDMP outlines how research data will be managed, documented, stored, secured and accessed both throughout the project and after completion. The UOW Research Data Management Policy recommends that an RDMP accompany every research project. Generally, the project leader is responsible for creating the plan and updating it to reflect any significant changes in the focus of the research

Use your UOW login details to access ReDBox and create your RDMP.

The Research Data Management Policy and Research Data Management Guidelines can be found in the A-Z Listing of UOW Policy documents. The Policy and Guidelines contain very useful information about the responsibilities of all research staff and students for research data management throughout all stages of the research data lifecycle.

Most researchers keep hand written laboratory notebooks, journals and other materials which are not kept on a computer at all. As there is only one copy of the data, non-digital data is at risk of loss. It is worth considering if any of the non-digital data is able to be digitised, (e.g. scanning note books on to a PC). If the data is not able to be digitised, this data still needs to be protected and stored in a safe place.

Other examples of non-digital data may include soil samples, art work, children’s writing.

The basic principles of data management apply to non-digital as to digital data

It is recommended that non digital data also have a Research Data Management Plan created. A RDMP for non-digital data can be created on ReDBox. A RDMP for non-digital data helps with the planning, storing, archiving and retention of the data that is been collected.

ReDBox integrates with RIS Grants to bring in grant and researcher information where appropriate and a PDF output of the Ethics questions can be used for your Human Ethics Application. 

A RDMP can be downloaded as a PDF version. To download a PDF of your RDMP click on ‘View and Edit’ under the RDMP section in ReDBOx.

ReDBox allows you to store your data for projects that have been completed.

The Completed Project form is a modified version of the Research Data Management Plan (RDMP). This form is to be used for any projects that have been completed and require storage for the data.

The Completed Project form will integrate with the RIS Grants System to bring across project information where possible.

Once the RDMP is completed and storage is requested, a UOW staff member will be in contact with you to discuss a suitable storage option to meet the needs of your data.

Human Ethics RDMP

The UOW Ethics Application Form has recently been updated in order to better reflect the data management requirements of the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research. The ethical responsibility to establish a Research Data Management Plan (RDMP) is outlined in the National Statement:

“For all research, researchers should develop a data management plan that addresses their intentions related to generation, collection, access, use, analysis, disclosure, storage, retention, disposal, sharing and re-use of data and information, the risks associated with these activities and any strategies for minimising those risks. The plan should be developed as early as possible in the research process…” (NS 3.1.44).

In line with this, all data management questions have been removed from the UOW Ethics Application Form and used to generate an all-inclusive, independent RDMP document. Researchers are asked to ensure they use the most up-to-date version of the UOW Ethics Application Form.

Researchers are able to create their RDMP by one of the following two options:

The RDMP will be submitted in the form of a PDF or Word Document, in the same way that researchers upload any other document with their Ethics Application.

To be able to access Redbox when off-campus, you will need to first connect to the UOW Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Instructions on how to setup and connect to the VPN are available in the knowledge base article VPN – Remote/Offsite Network Access.

Need further help? IT support is available:


Below is a list of available UOW resources that can provide you with additional help and support with your research data and its management.

Redbox Support: For questions relating to ReDBox and/or research data management.

Moodle: Access Moodle for Research Data training material and videos.

IMTS knowledge base: IMTS Knowledge Base will provide you with further information on ReDBox and the storage options available and how you can access them. 

IMTS Service desk: The IMTS service desk will provide with you support and advice on the storage options offered at UOW. Log a ticket via the Service Desk Portal