Uni in the brewery

Uni in the Brewery

Our Uni in the Brewery events bring prominent UOW academics to the community to explain their research in a relaxed and participatory environment. Now in its 15th year, Uni in the Brewery has included talks on topics as diverse as childhood obesity, big data, endangered frogs and dumpster diving.

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27 March 2019: "Researcher fieldwork stories"

Uni in the brewery | past events

Dr Emma Heffernan, Dr Andrew Johnstone & Dan Yang

22 August 2018 | New Steel: Innovation & technology through collaboration | Presentation coming soon

Professor Lorna Moxham, Chris Hinder & Kayleen Booth

15 August 2018 | Recovery Camp and Mental Health Watch the presentation here

Dr Sarah Hamylton, Rachelle Balez & Claudia Kielkopf

11 April 2018 | Women as science leaders: A voyage to Antarctica and beyond Watch the presentation here

Dr Michelle Eady, Corinne Green and Michelle Peden

29 November 2017 | Community strengths: Inspiring change in teaching and learning Hear the audio here

Dr Shahriar Akter

5 April 2017 | The Future of Business Analytics is in Big Data Watch the presentation here

Dr Phillip Byrne

28 September 2016 | Sex Cells: Using assisted reproductive technologies to save Australia's endangered frogs Watch the presentation here

Associate Professor Karen Charlton and Associate Professor Shady Cosgrove

23 March 2016 | Dumpster diving across disciplines: A creative writer and dietitian discuss edible food and the bin Watch the presentation here

Dr Stewart Vella

18 November 2015 | Mental health and sport: Supporting the wellbeing of young men through organised sport Watch the presentation here

Professor Chris Gibson and Dr Andrew Warren

25 March 2015 | The history of surfing Watch the presentation here

Professor Dan Hutto

12 November 2014 | Expert Sporting Performances: Lessons from the Philosophy of Cognitive Science

Dr Lezanne Ooi

11 June 2014 | Reprogrammed skin cells: Revolutionising medical research

Dr Ben Maddison

26 March 2014 | Tales from Antarctica - beset in ice

Dr Susan Hayes

20 March 2013 From homicide to Hobbits

Professor Paul Cooper

10 April 2013 | Designing a sustainable future 

Associate Professor Samantha Thomas

14 August 2013 | The impact and extent of sports betting marketing in Australia

Professor Tony Okley

17 October 2012 | Childhood obesity: The skinny of what really works in preventing unhealthy weight gain in kids Watch the presentation here

Dr Peter Siminski

15 August 2012 | I was only 19 45 years ago: What can we learn from Australia's Conscription Lotteries?

Professor Lesley Head

2 May 2012 | Dilemmas of household sustainability

Dr Siobhan McHugh

2 November 2011 | The power of voice

Professor David Griffith and Dr Clare Murphy

17 August 2011 | Greenhouse gases from fires and farming

Dr Simon Moulton

25 May 2011 | Medical bionics

Associate Professor Stephen Blanksby and Dr Phil Barker

16 March 2011 | From clothes pegs to cataracts to COLORBOND steel: Free-radicals in everyday life

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Professor Jun Chen in lab