Student privacy & disclosure statement

Our commitment to privacy

The University and its subsidiaries are committed to ensure that your privacy is protected. Under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW), the Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002 (NSW) and other relevant legislation, the University and its subsidiaries must take all reasonable steps to ensure that the collection, use, disclosure and handling of your personal and health information complies with these laws.


By signing my Acceptance Agreement, and by enrolling or re-enrolling (such as proceeding within my enrolment online) I consent to the University or its subsidiaries collecting, using or disclosing any personal and/or health information I provide to the University or its subsidiaries for the below primary purposes, and/or any secondary purposes reasonably related to the below primary purposes:
  1. The administration of my application, enrolment, academic progression, graduation and the provision of student services to me by the University and/or its subsidiaries, including the publication of my name and award in the graduation booklet;
  2. Verifying or exchanging my information with other educational institutions when I am transferring or engaging in cross-institutional study;
  3. Verifying the content of my academic transcript with an external body when I have applied for accreditation, professional qualifications or membership with that external body relevant to my course of study;
  4. Verifying or exchanging my information with government agencies and bodies such as, but not limited to, the Commonwealth government department with responsibility for tertiary education, the Commonwealth government department with responsibility for immigration and, for UOW in Dubai, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MoHESR) or their equivalent or replacement entity. In particular, for students requiring an Australian visa, the University will check my visa status and study entitlements via the Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) service;
  5. Responding to any demand for information from the sponsor I have nominated on my Acceptance Agreement or enrolment application, and providing that sponsor with information relating to my academic progress, fees and other administrative matters. For more information on terms of the Acceptance Agreement for sponsored students, visit Future Students;
  6. Responding to any demand for information from courts and/or tribunals or similar judicial agencies whether under subpoena or by force of law;
  7. Placing me with an external body for the purpose of clinical or other placement or practicum experience as required by my course of study at the University or its subsidiaries or otherwise approved by the University or its subsidiaries;
  8. Disclosure of my personal and/or health information in exceptional circumstances if considered imperative for reasons of health or safety, such as if I am missing for longer than three weeks;
  9. Any activities other than those in (1) above which are related to the activities of the University and/or its subsidiaries, including but not limited to administration, governance, provision of facilities, insurance, procedural rules, management, research, quality assurance, financial systems, academic development, teaching and learning generally, sporting and cultural activities for the benefit of the community;
  10. The University or its subsidiaries communicating with me for fundraising or marketing purposes whether I am an enrolled student or an alumni;
  11. Surveys which may be sent to me to help the University and/or its subsidiaries evaluate and improve services and activities;
  12. Sharing of my personal and/or health information for the above purposes between the University and its subsidiaries; and
  13. A University controlled entity, or an agent appointed by the University, collecting my personal and/or health information on behalf of the University and disclosing that information to the University or vice versa. Subsidiaries of the University include UOW Enterprises (including UOW College and UOWD), UOW Pulse.

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Upon request you can access or seek any changes to your information. If you wish to discuss this Student privacy and disclosure statement, please contact the relevant Privacy Officer below:
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