Sydney Business School, UOW Student, Shruti Juneja stands near Wollongong Lighthouse.

Meet Sydney Business School, UOW student, Shruti Juneja

Meet Sydney Business School, UOW student, Shruti Juneja

Student spotlight: Shruti Juneja

Shruti Juneja reflects on her journey as an international student at the University of Wollongong (UOW). Arriving with limited knowledge of the Australian culture, Shruti has embraced learning and personal development throughout her academic course Master of Business Administration. We would like to highlight the accomplishments she made during her study at the Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong.

Personal Growth

Shruti shared with us her struggle to adjust to the Australian environment starting from the Aussie accent and cultural diversity. Attending different events and workshops the Sydney CBD Campus organised helped her to build a solid friendship which boosted her confidence and well-being. As an international student, she faced the constant challenge of managing finances of tuition fees, living expenses and extra budget for traveling. Finally, she found a way to balance it all which allows her to explore Australian nature and attractions, and she claims, “these experiences contribute to the richness of my overall international student experience, promoting cultural exchange and building stronger connections with the local community”.

SAIEP Tech Innovation Challenge

Shruti participated in the Tech Innovation Challenge organised by the Study Australia Industry Experience Program (SAIEP). According to SAIEP, it gives opportunities to students to engage in real-world industry projects where Shruti joined a team with members from Australia, Europe, and Asia. She concluded the project by finding solutions and developing strategies whilst managing the multicultural team. This was a pivotal experience to be a professional who can make an impact on global scale positively.

Study Tour to Malaysia

As part of the MBA program, Sydney Business School, UOW organised a study tour and Shruti’s study tour was to Malaysia in December 2023. She stated that the study tour was not only traveling to Malaysia, “Embarking on a study tour to Malaysia was a journey across borders and a profound exploration into the heart of business dynamics in a vibrant and culturally diverse Southeast Asian nation. As an MBA student, this experience offered me invaluable insights into the Malaysian business landscape, opening my eyes to new perspectives, opportunities, and challenges that transcend geographical boundaries. During the study tour, I observed how businesses seamlessly incorporated cultural elements into their strategies, acknowledging the importance of cultural perceptiveness in establishing trust and fostering successful collaborations”. When I asked her about the highlight of the tour, she emphasised, “During the visit to a village named Mari Mari, she plunged into Malaysia’s diverse ethnic tapestry, featuring traditional businesses of various indigenous communities. The village serves as a cultural enclave dedicated to preserving and showcasing the customs, rituals, and craftsmanship of Malaysia’s ethnic groups”. She continues, “this memorable achievement during the Malaysia study tour became a highlight of my academic journey, symbolising the transformative potential of cross-cultural collaboration within the dynamic and diverse Malaysian business. And as an MBA student I am grateful to my university and Professor for giving us this opportunity”.

Shruti's journey at the Sydney Business School, UOW exemplifies how a student's life can flourish when they embrace challenges. Her academic and personal growth stand as a testament to all students. Let us continue to support one another as we navigate the exciting challenges that university life brings.