May Pyeetson Aung, Sydney Business School, UOW student, sits on a bench on a blue sky day.

Meet UOW's Sydney Business School student, May Pyeetson Aung

Meet UOW's Sydney Business School student, May Pyeetson Aung

Meet Pyeetson who enrolled in the Master of Business Administration Advanced at Sydney Business School, UOW. As the pages turn on her second year in the course, Pyeetson unveils her insights, and triumphs to a maintain successful academic performance while actively engaging in various extracurricular activities.

"The Sydney CBD campus offers an atmosphere unlike any other," Pyeetson exclaims, her eyes lighting up as she describes the energy of the Sydney CBD campus. Positioned at the heart of Sydney, this campus isn't just a collection of buildings; it's a gateway to real-world business dynamics. Pyeetson shares her love for the immediate access to insights from diverse industries, a luxury she embraces to deepen her understanding of the business environment.

Mastering Time and Tasks

Pyeetson's journey, like any other, encounters overlapping deadlines and conflicting priorities. The best strategy she utilised to avoid such issues is creating a detailed schedule that outlines all her classes, tutorials, workshops, assessment deadlines, work, and other personal commitments. With a penchant for detail, she manages her days and weeks by using a curated schedule on Google Calendar. She claims, “Pre-planning and setting priorities have helped me tackle multiple and overlapping deadlines successfully”.

The Balancing Act

As Pyeetson walks us through her journey, we uncover the challenges of balancing a full-time MBA with employment commitments. But amidst the schedules and strategies, there's one challenge that stands out: exhaustion. Switching between jobs and academia requires strong mental and physical strength. Pyeetson's solution? "Nature and exercise," she grins. “I make sure to find time to do outdoor activities like hiking and trekking, as well as exercise on a regular basis to make me feel refreshed” as she continues.

Embracing the Extracurricular

Pyeetson's learning experience isn't confined to lecture halls and assignment submissions; it extends to enriching extracurricular activities. For some students her face is already familiar as she serving as a student representative and volunteering as a Peer Mentor with the Business and Law International Peer Mentor Network (BIPMN). “I had the pleasure of helping new international students navigate their academic journey smoothly and adapt to a new cultural environment in Australia. These extracurricular activities have been a rewarding experience” she reflects.

"These activities have been pivotal”. Through campus events, her leadership and organisational skills increased. Moreover, the role of a Peer Mentor sharpens her interpersonal skills, transforming her into an attentive listener adept at navigating diverse perspectives.

Lessons in Growth

She is not afraid to seeking mentorship and attending workshops when she faces any academic and personal problems. “To make the best of the services university offers is knowing to ask for help if she struggles. It's not just about systems or strategies; it's about mindset to be brave enough get help on right times” when we asked her growth experience. Pyeetson thrives on positivity, celebrating small victories and practicing meditation help her triumph over negativity and stress.

A Tale of Achievement

Among Pyeetson's academic feats, one shines the brightest: her triumph in the Business Analytics specialisation. “What truly made this memorable was the fact that this field was totally new for me”, she exclaims, “I felt utmost satisfaction when I successfully learnt how to utilise the SAS Viya software tool”. She conquered data analysis, emerging victorious through late-night sessions and dedication. The impact? A surge of confidence that propelled her to choose Business Analytics as her specialisation in her MBA program.