Karmen an SBS student, stands in a garden

Meet UOW's Sydney Business School student, Kah Mun Low

Meet UOW's Sydney Business School student, Kah Mun Low

Student spotlight: Kah Mun Low

Introducing Kah Mun Low, known as Karmen, who recently completed the Sydney Business School, UOW Master of Business Analytics at Sydney CBD Campus. Karmen had the opportunity to immerse herself in the captivating world of data and innovation, and she found the experience to be rewarding. 

Sydney CBD Campus: A scenic haven

"As someone who cherishes tranquillity and the beauty of nature, I must say that the campus at Sydney CBD gives me a sense of calmness. If you make your way up to the level 10 study area, you'll quickly understand why it's a favourite among everyone! The moment you step in, you're greeted by an iconic and breathtaking panoramic view that encompasses the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House," Karmen shared enthusiastically during our interview. 

Balancing commitments: challenges and triumphs

Karmen opened about the challenges of balancing full-time studies, part-time work, and a plethora of personal commitments. She admitted that it could be overwhelming at times but emphasised that in hindsight, it was an invaluable learning experience and an opportunity for personal growth. Through this balancing act, she not only developed resilience but also honed her skills in adaptability and effective time management. Her strategy? A meticulously created calendar that prioritised lectures, workshops, assignment deadlines, and exam dates, while also carving out specific time blocks for work. "Perhaps most importantly," she added, "maintaining this well-organised schedule allowed me to allocate time for myself, pursuing hobbies like yoga and travel, ensuring that I didn't neglect my personal well-being amidst the busy schedule."

The power of extracurricular activities

Karmen's involvement in extracurricular activities during her postgraduate studies enriched her overall learning journey. She chose to become a student casual on campus, a decision that proved to be immensely rewarding. It not only helped her connect with fellow students but also allowed her to build relationships with staff members and lecturers. "I wholeheartedly recommend current students to consider joining such initiatives," she exclaimed, "especially if they have an active mindset, a desire to contribute, a wish to expand their social networks, and a determination to make the most of their university experience." 

Memorable achievements and the road ahead

Karmen shared that embarking on her postgraduate journey after accumulating several years of professional experience in a similar domain was a pivotal milestone in her life. This transition enabled her to bridge the gap between theory and practice, bringing real-world insights and practical wisdom into the academic realm. It was a transformative experience that not only broadened her academic horizons, introducing her to new visualisation tools like SAS Viya and advanced analytical techniques but also reaffirmed her commitment to lifelong learning and personal growth. She looks forward with hope that her pursuit of postgraduate education will propel her to new heights in her career.

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