Arvind Sharma, Master of Project Management student

Meet UOW's Sydney Business School student, Arvind Sharma

Meet UOW's Sydney Business School student, Arvind Sharma

Arvind Sharma is a Master of Project Management student, from India. He's already completed a Master of Business Analytics degree, and his journey here at the University of Wollongong's Sydney CBD campus is nothing short of inspiring.

Keeping focused and positive: all achievements matter 

Arvind believes that effective time management is the key to academic success. To maintain his high academic standards, he meticulously plans his weeks and months. With the help of a planner and calendar, he skilfully juggles assignments, deadlines, and important dates. Each subject and task get its dedicated time block, keeping him motivated and on track.

Seeking guidance from academic advisors, counsellors, and support staff has also been instrumental in honing his time management skills. Celebrating small achievements, no matter how minor, reinforces his positive attitude and drives him to keep up his efforts.

Skilling up for the professional world: the power of extracurriculars

Arvind is an active participant in extracurricular activities, and he encourages fellow students to follow suit. Whether it's joining university clubs, engaging in sports (specially volleyball), or volunteering, these endeavours have expanded his skill set and enriched his experience.

Participation in extracurricular activities has honed his leadership, communication, time management, and teamwork skills in an Australian context, which are invaluable in both academics and the professional world. These activities also serve as fantastic networking opportunities, paving the way for collaborations, research ventures, and meaningful connections.

Leading solution and change: applying knowledge to assist communities 

Arvind's journey includes a remarkable achievement that we're proud to share. He was selected to participate in a six-week Entrepreneurship program organised by Young Change Agent in collaboration with Study NSW. Arvind took up the challenge of addressing issues faced by international students, focusing on solutions for convenient, safe, and affordable housing, making connections, and securing employment. His dedication paid off as he presented a web application-based solution to address housing challenges, earning him the opportunity to present the business case at the Study NSW career expo at the International Convention Centre (ICC) Sydney. This experience was a significant milestone, providing Arvind with essential employability and business skills, and further solidifying his role as a promising leader among our student community.

Arvind Sharma's story is one of dedication, effective time management, and the enriching power of extracurricular activities. His journey continues, promising even greater accomplishments in the future. We hope his story inspires all our students to embrace their academic journey with passion and purpose.