Dr Kevin Huang wears a grey suit , blue collared business shirt with a yellow tie. He stands against a cream wall

Meet Head of Students at Wollongong Campus, Dr Kevin Huang

Meet Head of Students at Wollongong Campus, Dr Kevin Huang

Could you introduce yourself and provide an overview of the student service, events/workshops you offer to our students?

I am Dr Kevin Huang, Lecturer in Accounting and Head of Students for Postgraduate Programs (Wollongong Campus). Also, I am the founder and faculty support person for Chinese Academic Business Learning & Education (CABLE). As the Head of Students, I can help you with any questions you have about managing your studies, such as applying for credit for prior learning (CPL), leave of absence (LOA), reduced study load (RSL), or late withdrawal from subjects. Please make an appointment to see me for a friendly consultation (via AskUOW) when you encounter any issues or challenges.

CABLE is a faculty-based student program which runs academic workshops, sport events, and professional engagement and networking events throughout the year. The program also provides one-to-one mentoring support to students facing learning difficulties. If you would like to speak to a CABLE student leader, please contact me tairan_huang@uow.edu.au or you can email: cableuow@hotmail.com

What steps do you recommend students to take to prepare themselves before seeking your assistance?

I am happy to help you with every possible question that is related to your study. However, I suggest you speak to AskUOW or Business and Law Central, Sydney, to ensure I am the best person to help you. For example, if you want to know what career opportunities your degree leads to, the best person to talk to is the Director of Academic Program (DAP). Similarly, the Student Support Coordinators can give you support and advice on who to contact depending on your issue/s. If you are clear that the questions you have are related to your study and progression in general, then please come and speak to me.

In order to minimise the likelihood of encountering issues that necessitate your services, what proactive measures can students take?

There are several things. First, make sure you follow your study sequence. It is very important for your progression and on-time completion. Second, make sure you frequently check the Sydney Business School, UOW Student Handbook Moodle site, it contains a lot of useful information to support you to perform well and achieve academically. Third, please carefully read the subject outline and use the subject coordinators’ consultation time wisely to ensure any doubts related to assessments and expectations are addressed. Lastly, you need to act as a responsible and engaging student and put reasonable effort into studying. It is expected a student spend 8-12 hrs weekly for every subject enrolled, please do not take it lightly. 

When advising students who are facing difficulties, what guidance or suggestions do you provide to help them minimise stress and maintain an effective learning experience?

I was an international student not long ago, and I understand all the possible challenges a student can face while pursuing a degree. I also have a lot of practical experiences and many successful stories on how CABLE program and I helped students to get back on track and achieve outstanding performances. Regardless of whether you consider yourself a high achiever, or find study challenging, you can chat with me on getting the help you need or getting opportunities to help others and being recognised. 

How do you typically spend your leisure time outside of work?

Playing badminton, watching sports (soccer in particular), playing with my 6 cats, and meeting friends