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Message to students

Message to students

Dear students, I wanted to begin this email with a quick word of gratitude for our frontline health workers. As you may know, I started my career as a nurse here in Wollongong, and I remain incredibly proud of the profession I chose all those years ago. 

Every day as a nurse is unique, frustrating, heart-warming, gut-wrenching, and more. You share in people's deepest sadness and greatest joys. There is no single way to describe this work's immeasurability, yet it is someone's every day. For this reason, I have a particular appreciation and - more now than ever - an admiration for the people working to sustain, protect, and save our community. It doesn't hurt to be reminded of the work being done for our benefit and how we can show respect to frontline workers enduring this pandemic at the coal face by getting vaccinated, staying home, wearing masks, physical distancing and much more.   

I’d also like to ask you all to please have patience with support, service, and academic staff during this time. As always, we encourage you to contact the University with your queries or requests for support and rest assured you will get a response. However, it is important that students seek support via the most relevant means, contact via just one channel, and wait patiently for a response. We’re all struggling right now, including university staff, so please keep this in mind and attempt to make your requests as easy as possible to follow up.  

At the University of Wollongong, we value the participation of students in decision making. The university hosts elections for student positions in governance bodies to ensure that every perspective is heard and considered each year.  period is held from September to October. All nominations for Wollongong Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA), Wollongong University Postgraduate Association (WUPA), Academic Senate, Faculty, Campus and Woolyungah Indigenous Centre (WIC) representatives are open. I strongly encourage students to get involved and have their voices heard. 


Today is R U OK? Day. This year’s message is: Are they really OK? Ask them today. We’re encouraged to ask our peers or loved ones the question, even if they seem okay. UOW Pulse is doing excellent work in this area, and will be running some student events including U OK? Day Snack and Chat – a morning tea that will be both educational and conversational, and Bevs and Brushes – a guided painting session with local UOW student Rachel Tidbury. It’s worth getting involved and learning how to have the often difficult but ultimately life-changing conversations.   

Enjoy your week of learning, stay well and safe and please continue to adhere to covid restrictions wherever you may be. The finish line is in sight!