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Message to students

Message to students

Dear students, with so much happening around the university, my weekly messages were becoming quite long, so I’m reining it in! And in an effort to streamline, I’m also trialling the use of subheadings, to allow for greater readability. I hope these changes make it easier to digest the important activities taking place around the university each week.

It’s Global Climate Change week

I mentioned it last week but consider this a friendly reminder about the schedule of you can get involved in to raise awareness and drive action around the issue of climate change. The IPCC report that came out earlier this year is yet another reminder of how urgent this issue is. We need people like you to make your voices heard. On that note,  

Graduation – a wonderful success, but somewhat bittersweet

Last week we celebrated the graduating cohort of 2020/2021, and what a special night it was. I must admit I sat on the stage with some mixed emotions. Pride and exhilaration for our amazing students, but still a sense that these are not normal times, and that many have suffered in so many ways. The ceremony was live-streamed from our Uni Hall on the Wollongong campus with close to 1,000 students in over 20 countries watching on with their loved ones. I very much hope it gave them the sense of pride and achievement they deserved. You’re welcome to watch the recorded live-stream here.

Return to campus – when and how?

With changes to the NSW lockdown, many people are asking about a return to campus. Happily, we can say that UOW will begin a gradual return to some in-person activities on campus. Our COVID Safe Transition Plan details this phased approach from October to the end of December 2021. For your safety and the safety of our community, we continue to align our approach with the NSW Public Health Order and the Reopening NSW Roadmap. We’ll continue remote course delivery for the remainder of 2021 but are planning a return to on-campus delivery in 2022. More info on that coming very shortly.

A quick podcast recommendation  

Finally, UOW podcast series is great for all your #podcastandchill needs. From energy storage solutions, to curing disease without drugs, you can learn all about the incredible world-changing work happening right here. Would recommend!

Please stay safe and well, and let’s continue to push our vaccination rate well over 90%.