Professor Kazuhiro Nogita leads new Linkage Project

Professor Kazuhiro Nogita leads new Linkage Project

Two of the Steel Research Hub’s Program Leaders from the University of Queensland (UQ), Professor Kazuhiro Nogita and Emeritus Professor David StJohn, will lead a new ARC Linkage Project together with Dr Nega Setargew of BlueScope Steel.

The new project, titled “Microstructure control of hot-dip coated Al-Zn based alloy layers on steel” was officially announced in January 2020.  The process of hot-dip metal coating of steel has evolved to provide reliable products that find widespread application in many industries, including building and construction. This new project aims to address and understand intermittent processing challenges using innovative approaches involving characterisation by synchrotron techniques and state-of-the art microscopy. Expected outcomes include increased manufacturing efficiencies and improved methods of process control.

Not only is this a wonderful result for Kazu, David, Nega and the research team, it is also a testament to the excellent research undertaken by them within the Steel Research Hub (SRH).  In the SRH project, advanced materials characterisation techniques were developed and applied to assist in understanding a BlueScope steel products and processes.

Their success serves to demonstrate the growth opportunities possible when the innovative research carried out is focussed on strategic outcomes that are not independently realisable.

We wish them well in their new collaborative research project, which will help BlueScope and Australia maintain a world-leading reputation for high-quality coating steel products for domestic and export markets.