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Mark Rogers: Shortlisted for Stückemarkt Berlin

Mark Rogers: Shortlisted for Stückemarkt Berlin

Mark Roger's play 'Superheroes' was shortlisted for Theatertreffen's Stückemarkt in Berlin. That is, among the top 20.
Only five works are selected out of an international open call for work in a variety of forms so this is a major, major achievement. Theatertreffen is the major German language theatre festival. 

Superheroes is a play about two women on opposite sides of the world living small lives in a time of big politics. It’s a play that parallels two very different lives to ask questions about what it means to take responsibility for your actions, and what it means to change your mind.

This play won the 2019 Griffin Award and the 2019 Patrick White Award. A chamber piece for three actors, it’s a lyrical, inventive and deeply humane story from an exciting new voice. It’s a play full of small surprises, not the least of which is finding a young Australian playwright who deeply believes in community, compassion and the essential good within humanity—despite what the daily news would have us think.

This is a huge opportunity for Mark and we wish him all the very best from the TAEM school and the LHA Faculty as a whole.