Sculptor Jenny Green in front of Beautopia, two bright pink stilettos made out of steel. Photo: Michael Gray

Vibrant new sculpture celebrates the resilience and beauty of women

Vibrant new sculpture celebrates the resilience and beauty of women

Beautopia, donated to UOW by sculptor Jenny Green, captures the strength of steel in a nod to female empowerment

A whimsical new sculpture at the University of Wollongong (UOW) will celebrate the strength and inner beauty of women while providing a vibrant pop of colour to the campus.

Beautopia, by Sydney-based artist Jenny Green, was officially unveiled during a ceremony last week (Thursday 7 December) at Wollongong Campus.

The striking artwork, which features two pink stilettos forged in steel, was generously donated to the UOW Art Collection by Ms Green. The artist and members of the UOW community were on hand to witness the official unveiling.

Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Patricia M Davidson hosted the unveiling yesterday and said Beautopia challenged society’s concepts of beauty and femininity.

“The stiletto is deeply intertwined with the concept of femininity. Depending on your perception, it can be a symbol of liberation or subjugation. This stunning sculpture adds a sense of vibrancy to our campus art collection, while also challenging us to think about the concept of beauty and strength for women. It merges the might of steel with the whimsy of fashion, capturing the complexities of what it means to be female in modern society,” Professor Davidson said.

“We extend our deepest thanks to the talented artist, Jenny Green, for so generously donating Beautopia to UOW’s art collection.”

Professor Patricia M Davidson and sculptor Jenny Green cut the ribbon in front of the sculpture Beautopia. Photo: Michael Gray

UOW Vice-Chancellor Professor Patricia M Davidson and sculptor Jenny Green cut the ribbon at the unveiling of Beautopia. 

A sculptor for more than 20 years, Ms Green uses industrial materials, such as steel, bronze, and resin, to create artworks that are light and airy. Her sculptures, which is represented in public and private spaces, explores movement and emotion through colour, curves, and lines.

Ms Green is a graduate from the National Art School with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture.

“As an artist, I’m drawn to the intersections of femininity and strength. Beautopia reflects this juxtaposition in a bold and unapologetic way,” Ms Green said.

“The welded steel construction of the stilettos represents the resilience of women in a society that often seeks to diminish their power. The process of welding the metal together also symbolises the act of forging and shaping one's own path in life, as each weld creates a bond that is stronger than the sum of its parts.

“The colour pink imbues the shoes with a sense of playfulness and whimsy. These stilettos are not just shoes, but a statement of empowerment and a celebration of the inner strength and beauty of women.”

Beautopia is a gift to the University from Ms Green and represents a significant donation to the UOW Art Collection.

Professor Sue Bennett, Jenny Green, Professor Patricia M Davidson, Phillippa Webb and an unknown man stand behind Beautopia. Photo: Michael Gray

Interim Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and Student Life) Professor Sue Bennett, sculptor Jenny Green, Vice-Chancellor Professor Patricia M Davidson, Collection Manager Phillippa Webb, and John M Green, with Beautopia. 

Phillippa Webb, Collection Manager of the UOW Art Collection, said Beautopia was a joyful addition to UOW’s outdoor art spaces.

“We were thrilled to receive this unique and captivating sculpture from Jenny Green. The bright pink offers a captivating juxtaposition against the greens of our beautiful campus. Beautopia embodies the resilience and beauty of what it means to be female, and we are delighted that this piece will now call UOW home,” Ms Webb said.

Beautopia will be a permanent addition to the Wollongong campus, situated on the lawn between Building 36 (the Administration Building) and Building 41 (the Sciences Building).

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