Dr Hassan Hosseinzadeh

Top health leadership award for UOW academic

Top health leadership award for UOW academic

Associate Professor Hassan Hosseinzadeh recognised for his contribution to staff wellbeing

Research shows that when employees are mentally well, they’re more productive and less likely to take sick leave. Promoting and maintaining good mental health at the workplace also enhances personal and organisational resilience and contributes to positive work culture.

The Australasian College of Health Service Management (ACHSM) is a professional body for health managers in Australasia that brings together health leaders to learn, network and share ideas. In a recent round of awards, ACHSM recognised Associate Professor Hassan Hosseinzadeh, the University of Wollongong (UOW) Senior Lecturer at the School of Health and Society, with 2022 ACHSM Health Manager Leadership Award.

He was nominated for his continued commitment to improving health and wellbeing outcomes for his UOW community.

One of the accolades stated: “Dr Hosseinzadeh demonstrates extraordinary commitment to the wellbeing of his colleagues and the general public. He is always cheerful and understanding. His quick wit, attention to detail and loyalty to team members have endeared him to his students and colleagues. He is a wonderful ambassador for promoting kindness and positive leadership in our community.”

Associate Professor Hosseinzadeh is a public health expert specialising in health promotion, with a particular interest in mixed-method research in the area of chronic disease, digital health and primary care. He has been working at UOW since 2016.

“Enhancing the quality of life lies at the heart of my research. Yet it is equity and empowerment that have guided my work at the University. In my experience, fostering a sense of purpose for my students and work colleagues is the best avenue for promoting everyone’s wellbeing,” Dr Hosseinzadeh said, welcoming the award.