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Campus health and medical services update

Campus health and medical services update

Positive progress being made towards short and long term service provision

The University of Wollongong (UOW) is making positive progress in arranging new health services for students following the closure of the campus clinic, expected later this month.

Vice-Chancellor, Professor Patricia Davidson, has directed Senior Manager Strategic Projects, Mark Roberts, to explore interim service arrangements and plan for long term solutions for campus health and medical services.

“My immediate priority is to, as far as possible, provide continuity of care for students now while devising a campus healthcare model that is sustainable into the future,” Professor Davidson said.

Dr David Carter, an expert consultant who specialises in the governance and delivery of safe, effective and sustainable healthcare services, has been engaged to assist Mark by advising the University on meeting students’ health care needs on campus.

Clinic closure delayed

The Campus Clinic, which initially announced its intended closure date as 30 July, has opted to continue providing patient care in is current rooms on campus until mid-August while its new Thirroul practice rooms are being prepared.

Campus health and medical services webpage

A dedicated webpage has been set up to inform students of actions being taken to provide campus health services and how to find and contact local medical and health services.

The site also provides a comprehensive set of and will be regularly updated as the work of the project team progresses.

Bulk billed medical services for students

Following engagement with several local practices, options are being explored to facilitate access to bulk billed telehealth and in-person consultations for UOW students with doctors in selected Wollongong practices.

The aim is for consultations to be available to domestic and onshore international students, with UOW supporting local practices to provide these services to students.

Students’ health information line

Preparations are also being made to establish a health information line for students.

The dedicated UOW number will provide information, advice and referrals to help students access appropriate care in their local area.

Outside of normal operating hours, the line will provide recorded referral information.

Consultation for long term solutions

Planning for longer term health care needs is also underway, with preparations being made for a four-week consultation with students, staff, medical community and other stakeholders.

This consultation activity will inform how UOW partners with medical and healthcare providers to provide appropriate and financially sustainable campus health and medical services.

about these initiatives is expected to be released in the coming week.