Year 10 Future Finder Days

Yr 10 FFD 2

Year 10 Future Finder Days

The Year 10 Future Finder Days are an opportunity for students to find out what university study is really like. This day is held prior to the student’s subject selection decisions, to help better inform students during this process. Students will have the opportunity to undertake activities in the faculty of their choice, explore the University's facilities, participate in goal setting activities for their senior studies and build their pathway to higher education.

When: 4-6 July 2018
Time: 9:00am - 2:00pm
Where: University of Wollongong 
Cost: This program is offered at no cost for In2Uni schools.

Taster Session Information & Student Registration

Students are required to register their Taster Session preferences prior to the Year 10 Future Finder Day events at UOW. Taster Session descriptions are outlined in the link below, however please note that not all sessions are offered each day. Taster Sessions are 'paired' on the registration form, with students being able to indicate up to two paired preferences. The O&P team will try and ensure that preferred pairs are allocated to registered students. Students who do not register will be placed by the University, and there will not be an opportunity to swap on the day. Students are required to register by Wednesday, 27th June 2018.

Taster Session descriptions  

Student Session Registration  

How can I find out more?

To find out more, please see our contact us page.