Successful projects

2023 Seed Funding 

  • Developing circular economy-aligned scalable supply chains for local agri-food systems
    Senevi Kiridena (EIS), Karen Charlton (SMAH), Spring Zhou (BAL), Nicole Cook (ASSH), Anita Stefoska-Needham (SMAH), Namal Bandaranayake (EIS), Suzanne Pickles (SMAH).
  • Whale songlines: past, present and future
    Guy Freer (ASSH), Margo Neale (Community Partner), Matt Poll (Community Partner), Marie Geissler (ASSH), Catherine Moyle (WIC), Emily Yap (EIS), Katharina Peters (SMAH), Barbara Bollard (SMAH), Yang-Wai Chow (EIS), Nathan Wright (Centre of Excellence for Australian Biodiversity and Heritage CABAH), Peter Hewitt.
  • Offshore renewable energy knowledge mobilisation
    Freya Croft (BAL), Aziz Ahmed (EIS), Camille Goodman (BAL), Natasha Larkin (ASSH), Rachel Nichols (BAL), Pabasara Wanniarachchige (EIS), Dawoon Jung (BAL), Michelle Voyer (BAL), Chantel Carr (ASSH).
  • Pootopia! The art, science, and economics of composting human manure
    Lucas Ihlein (ASSH), Kim Williams (ASSH), Bethany Hoye (SMAH), Amir Arjomandi (BAL), Alfredo Paloyo (BAL), Faisal Hai (EIS), Xanthe Barker (Community Partner), Anne Walton (Community Partner).
  • Understanding the issues related to housing for Aboriginal people living on the far south coast
    Maria Mackay (SMAH), Kathleen Clapham (SMAH), Elizabeth Dale (SMAH), Peter Kelly (ASSH), Karlie Stewart (ASSH), Fiona Sheppeard (SMAH), Georgia Stewart (SMAH), Bronte Haynes (SMAH), Kaitlen Stweart (SMAH), Kayleen Brown (Community Partner), Kayleen Hunt  (Community Partner).
  • Children's voices in the design of neighbourhoods and community spaces
    Rebecca Ng (ASSH), Lance Barrie (ASSH), Bradley Wakefiel (EIS), Marijka Batterham (EIS), Sue Bennett (ASSH), Cole Hendrigan (Community Partner), Liverpool Council.
  • AI-assisted obstacle detection and guidance system for blind and vision-impaired people
    Le Chung Tran (EIS), Prof Son Lam Phung (EIS), Prof Abdesselam Bouzerdoum (EIS), Dr Jonathan Shemmell (SMAH), Dr Anne Cox (BAL), Dr Theresa Harada (BAL), Dr Son Binh Vo (Community Partner), Mr Nathan Difford (SMAH), Ms Ly Bui (EIS), Mr Thai Van Cao (EIS).
  • Integrating Country, Indigenous consultation and engagement in UOW research programs
    Ryan Dallas (SMAH), Anthony McKnight (ASSH), Catherine Moyle (WIC), Peter Hewitt (ASSH), Guy Freer (ASSH), Sam Lin (SMAH).
  • What women want: how clients perceive domestic violence services can best support them in preventing tech-based abuse
    Helen Simpson (ASSH), Kelly Lewer (ASSH), Ash Markstone (ASSH), Delia Rambaldini-Gooding (ASSH), Win Knin Than (EIS), Catherine MacPhail (ASSH), Natascha Klocker (ASSH), Michelle Glasgow (Community Partner), Robyn Dawson (Community Partner), Natalie McClean (Community Partner).
  • Flourishing-in-place: A university-community partnership approach
    Camellia Webb-Gannon (ASSH), Catherine Moyle (WIC), Anthony McKnight , Gina Hawkes (ASSH), Daniel Daly (EIS), Theresa Harada (ASSH).
  • Development of user inspired wearable sensors for the occupational health and safely improvement of construction workers
    Aziz Ahmed (EIS), Manish Narsipura Sreenivasa (EIS), Gursel Alici (EIS), Hassan Hosseinzadeh (ASSH), Zubair Ratan (ASSH), Abdullah Al Mamun (BAL), Afroza Begum (BAL), James Forsyth (SMAH), Yeong Lee (Community Partner), David Varcoe (Community Partner).
  • XRNet: Harnessing eXtended Reality (XR) technologies to empower a future-ready workforce
    Shiva Pedram  (EIS), Grace Kennedy (ASSH), Guy Freer (ASSH), Emily Yap (EIS), Phil Commins (EIS), Casey Chow (EIS), Jon Roberts (EIS), Tim McCarthy (EIS), Nathan Wright (SMAH), Simon Moss (GRS), Barbara Bollard (SMAH), Johan Barthelemy (Community Partner).
  • Harnessing generative AI in the workforce
    Yiyang Bian (BAL - Dubai), Yenna Salamonson (SMAH -Wollongong), Yiyang Bian (BAL - Dubai), Lynn Sheridan (ASSH - Wollongong), Zeenath Reza Khan (EIS- Dubai). 

2020 Seed Funding

  • Collective weed management in post-fire landscapes: learning from successes and failures
    Sonia Graham (SOC/ASSH), Kristine French (SMAH), Nicholas Gill (SOC/ASSH), Holly Tootell (EIS), Leonie Miller (SOC/ASSH)

  • Cultural burning for resilience: Youth-led participatory action research to promote Indigenous practices for Country
    Katharine Haynes (SMAH), Vanessa Cavanagh (SOC/ASSH), Lisa Slater (LHA/ASSH), Rebecca Stanley (SOC/ASSH), Yasmine Probst (SMAH), Oliver Costello (Firesticks Alliance Indigenous Corporation), Noel Webster (CEO Mudjingaalbaraga Firesticks/NSW Local Land Services South-East), Don Hankins (California State University).

  • Disability Inclusion and Capacity building for Emergencies (DICE): Including people with disabilities during bush fires and COVID-19 to build community resilience and plan for the future
    Louisa Smith (SOC/ASSH), Cristina Thompson (BUS), Kate Williams (BUS/BAL), Shawn Burns (LHA/ASSH). External partners: Ed Birt (Disability Trust), Roy Rogers (Flagstaff Group), Karen Burnett (CRAM Foundation).

  • Effect of Bushfire on spread of PFAS contamination - Impact on water quality and biodiversity
    Jawad Al-Rifai (EIS), Faisal Hai (EIS), William Price (AIIM), Hugh Forehead (EIS), Phillip Byrne (SMAH), Celine Kelso (SMAH), Ashley Ansari (EIS), Zein Saleh (EIS).

  • From Power Plant to Table: Linking global mercury emissions to Australian fish consumption
    Jenny Fisher (SMAH), Anna Farmery (LHA/BAL), Michael Bertolacci (EIS), Karen Charlton (SMAH).

  • How effective are greenhouse gas sensors as blue carbon education, accounting and research tools?
    Jeffrey Kelleway (SMAH), Susan Duschesne (SOC/ASSH), Wendy Nielsen (SOC/ASSH), Nicholas Deutscher (SMAH), Cormac Fay (EIS), Johan Barthélemy (EIS), Hugh Forehead (EIS), Kerrylee Rogers (SMAH).

  • Human-to-robot skill transfer: Exploring the Social, Technical and Legal Implications
    Emre Sariyildiz (EIS), Roba Abbas (BUS/BAL), Yvonne Apolo (LHA/BAL), Rahim Mutlu (EIS), Gursel Alici (EIS).

  • Place-based cultural revitalisation: Culture futures with the Corroboree frog
    Lisa Slater (LHA/ASSH), Katharine Haynes (SMAH), Vanessa Cavanagh (SOC/ASSH), External partners: Matalena Tofa (Macquarie University), Mal Ridges (University of New England), Geoff Simpson (NSW Department of Planning Industry and Environment), Sue Bulger (Brungle Tumut Local Aboriginal Land Council).

  • Self-care of older Australians in times of natural disaster and pandemic
    Susan McInnes (SMAH), Elizabeth Halcomb (SMAH), Sharon James (SMAH), Katharine Haynes (SMAH), Cristina Thompson (BUS/BAL), Marijka Batterham (EIS).

  • Stories affording pathways to healing: practices supporting community recovery and resilience post disaster
    Lynne Keevers (SOC/ASSH), Anthony McKnight (SOC/ASSH), Deborah Gough (LHA/ASSH), Karen Fildes (SMAH), Sharon James (SMAH), Karen File (SOC/ASSH), Susan Duchesne (SOC/ASSH), Saskia Ebejer (SOC/ASSH), Joanne Spangaro (SOC/ASSH), Adam Gowen (LHA/ASSH).

  • #RecoverSouthCoast: Understanding Social Media Use in Bushfire Recovery
    Robert Ogie (EIS), Joshua Whittaker (SMAH), Alison Moore (LHA/ASSH), Mehrdad Amirghasemi (EIS), Mitch Byrne (SOC/ASSH), Sharon James (SMAH).


2020 Project Funding

  • Adjust to Disaster with Adaptive and Protective Transport (ADAPT) – Mobility Response to Crisis
    Bo Du (EIS), Lyn Phillipson (SOC/ASSH), Johan Barthélemy (EIS), Quan Zhou (BUS), Louisa Smith (SOC/AASH), Marcella Bernardo (EIS), Delia Rambaldini-Gooding (SOC/ASSH), Thomas Astell-Burt (SOC/ASSH), Pascal Perez (EIS), Hao Hu (EIS), Yan Qian (EIS), Talita Meira (BUS/BAL). External partners: Tingru Cui (University of Melbourne), Isabelle Ghetti (Wollongong City Council), Edward Steane (Liverpool Council), Darren Gough (Ydrive).

  • Building Community Resilience to Bushfires: Preparedness, Recovery and Reconstruction
    Paul Cooper (EIS), Christine Eriksen (SOC/ASSH), Joshua Whittaker (SMAH), Tillmann Boehme (BUS/BAL), Scott McKinnon (SOC/ASSH), Alan Green (EIS), Matthew Daly (EIS).

  • Ready for anything: Identifying Novel, Community-Led Solutions for Evacuation Centres During Emergencies and Beyond
    Duane Robinson (EIS), Cathrine Nielsen-Hewett (SOC/ASSH), Matthew Pepper (BUS/BAL), Sean Elphick (EIS), Nurul (Izzah) Afandi (EIS), Jonathan Knott (AIIM), Albert Munoz-Aneiros (BUS/BAL), Andrew Glover (SOC/ASSH).

Other Supported Projects

  • TransBOTer
    Dr Phil Commins (EIS), Prof C Cook (EIS), Dr Paul Wong (Industry Partner and CEO of Applied Robotics), Dr Alison Bell (SMAH); Assoc Professor Venkata Yanamandram (BUS/BAL), T. McDonnell (BUS/BAL)


2019 Seed Funding

  • Passive Wearable Assistive Robotic Device (WeARoP): Body Posture Support and Mobility Enhancement
    Rahim Mutlu (EIS), Emre Sariyildiz (EIS), Manish Sreenivasa (EIS), Roba Abbas (BUS), Lorna Moxham (SMAH), Gursel Alici (EIS)

  • ‘Hashtagging Terror and Hate’: Citizen Responses on Social Media
    Cassandra Sharp (LHA), Shoshana Dreyfus (LHA), Roba Abbas (BUS), Tracey Woolrych (SOC), Peter Leeson (SOC), Yvonne  Apolo (LHA), Kate Tubridy (LHA)

  • Sustainability and STEM in Schools: Can Asset Management Inspire?
    Daniel Daly (EIS), Peter Andersen (SOC), Michael Jones (BUS), Matthew Daly  (EIS), Yoke Berry (BUS)

  • Fixing microplastic pollution in waterways - from home to lake
    Hugh Forehead (EIS), Faisal Hai (EIS),  Ashley Ansari (EIS), Pascal Perez (EIS), Martina Sanderson-Smith (SMAH), Karen Raubenheimer (LHA)

  • Techno-economic Evaluation of Fringe-of-Grid Opportunities for Alternative Electricity Supply
    Matt Pepper (BUS), Sean Elphick (EIS), Albert Munoz (BUS), Jason David (EIS), Jon Knott (AIIM)

  • Benchmarking, characterising and valuing the resources in bulky kerbside council collections
    Elyse Stanes (SOC), James Ng (EIS), David Steel (EIS), Mark Nelson (EIS), Paul Chad (BUS), Sarah Wright (LHA), Yvette Barrs (Illawarra Shoalhaven Joint Organisation), Nicole Parsons (Illawarra Shoalhaven Joint Organisation)

  • Community Resilience: The Social Nature of Resilience and Adaptability Among Student Teachers and Nurses
    Lynn Sheridan (SOC), Roger Patulny (LHA), Jordan McKenzie (LHA), Peter Andersen (SOC), Grant Kinghorn (SMAH)

  • Systemic entrapment: Factors associated with First Nations people and multigenerational contact with systems through a Human Rights perspective.
    Marlene Longbottom (BUS), Peter Malouf (SMAH), Kathleen Clapham (BUS), Peter Kelly (SOC), Helen Hasan (BUS), Kate Senior (University of Newcastle), Valerie Harwood (University of Sydney), Hannah McGlade (Curtin University), Jocelyn Jones (University of Western Australia), Anna Williamson (Sax Institute), Ronald Stephens (Purdue University, US)

  • Age Friendly Illawarra, What Does It Look Like? A Scoping Study
    Ping Yu (EIS), Lorna Moxham (SMAH), Annette Braunack-Mayer (SOC), David Hailey (EIS), Jacqueline Street (SOC), Bo Du (EIS), Ting Song (EIS). External partners – Mark Jones (Edmiston Jones), Rod Young (Horsley Services).

  • Encountering the Digital State: Accessing Social Security in a Digital Age
    Scarlet Wilcock (LHA), Roba Abbas (BUS), Andrew Whelan (LHA), Paul Henman (SOC). 


2019 Project Funding

  • The ethical, legal and social implications (ELSI) of using artificial intelligence (AI) in health and social care
    Stacy Carter (SOC), Scarlet Wilcock (LHA), Tam Ha (SOC), David Steel (EIS), Nina Reynolds (BUS), Khin Win (EIS), Chris Degeling (SOC), Annette Braunack-Mayer (SOC), Jackie Street (SOC), Patti Shih (SOC), Kathleen Prokopovich (SOC), Belinda Fabrianesi (SOC), Jake Thompson (SOC), Pauline Shaughnessy (EIS), Sebastian Isbanner (BUS), Lei Wang (EIS)

  • Next Generation Sustainable Crafting
    Jo Law (LHA), Agnieszka Golda (LHA), Helen McGregor (SMAH), Sepidar Sayyar (AIIM), Aaron Burton (LHA)

  • Next Generation Sunscreen: Designed and tested for Australian conditions, with global implications for sun safety
    Konstantin Konstantinov (AIIM), Phil Barker (SMAH), Sheikh  Solaiman (LHA), Ronald Sluyter (SMAH), Vitor Sencadas (EIS), Michael Lerch (EIS), Shahnaz Bakand (SOC), Jennifer Algie (BUS), Xu-Feng Huang (SMAH)

  • Modelling emergent properties in the brain to combat neurodegenerative disease
    Alex Harris (AIIM), Lezanne Ooi (SMAH), Patrick McGivern (LHA), Johnson Chung (AIIM), Jeremy Crook (AIIM), Eva Tomaskovic-Crook (AIIM), Frederic Gilbert (University of Tasmania), Kyle Wedgwood (University of Exeter, UK), Susanna Narkilahti (Tampere University, Finland), Pasi Kallio (Tampere University, Finland)

  • Impact of the multi-sensory environment (MSE) for cross-sector user groups
    Holly Tootell (EIS), Pippa Burns (SMAH), Karen Tonge (SOC), Grant Ellmers (LHA), Jane Warren (SOC), Sue Slowikowski (BUS), Rose Dixon (SOC), Sim Lau (EIS), Andrea Garner (Alesco), Michael Szafraniec (CareWays), Carly Pascoe (CareWays), Jade Kennedy (Indigenous Knowledges, Teaching and Curriculum), Jaymee Beveridge (Woolyungah Indigenous Centre), Matt Ball (Early Start Discovery Space), Martha Johnson (Early Start Discovery Space), Naomi Sheridan (PhD Candidate)

  • The research and development of a prototype device for the observation of vital signs
    Christopher Patterson (SMAH), Raad Raad (EIS), Philip Ogunbona (EIS), Dana Perlman (LHA)

  • A Smart Shoe System Enabling Sedentary Older Adults to Walk More Steps and Walk Safely
    Winson Lee (EIS), Gursel Alici (EIS), Rahim Mutlu (EIS), Mark Allen (SOC), Robyn Coman (SOC), Sheikh Solaiman (LHA), Giraldo Alexandra (EIS). External partners – Gilbert Lam (Li Ning Sports Science Research Center), Rezaul Begg (Victoria University).


Keystone Funding 2019

  • Blue Futures: Managing and planning for coastal change
    Robin Warner (LHA), Michelle Voyer (LHA), Susan Ballard (LHA), Hugh Forehead (EIS), Chris Brennan-Horley (SOC), Joshua Lobb (LHA), Joanna Stirling (LHA), Richard Kenchington (LHA), Astrid Vachette (LHA), Anna Farmery (LHA), Michael Adams (SOC), Kerrylee Rogers (SMAH), Helen McGregor (SMAH), Colin Woodroffe (SMAH), Marc in het Panhuis (SMAH), Faisal Hai (EIS), Johan Barthelemy (EIS), Pascal Perez (EIS), Shiva Pedram (EIS), Belinda Gibbons (BUS), Mary Kaidonis (BUS), Stephanie Perkiss (BUS), Greg Kerr (BUS), Tillman Boehme (BUS), Jennifer Saunders (LHA), Vincent Bicego (LHA), Genevieve Quirk (LHA), Lana Kajlich (LHA), Candice Visser (LHA), Freya Croft (SOC), Anna Lewis (SOC), Jade Kennedy (Learning, Teaching & Curriculum), Paul Jones (Strategic Marketing & Communications).

    External research partners: Shanaka Herath (University of Technology, Sydney), Ben Milligan (University of NSW), Paul Knight (Illawarra Local Aboriginal Land Council), Natalie Gollan (NSW Department of Primary Industries), Leanne Taylor (Illawarra Shoalhaven Joint Organisation).

  • Influences and barriers to responsible use of antibiotics: The 21st century health challenge
    Mitchell Byrne (SOC) / Chris Degeling (SOC), Antoine van Oijen (SMAH), Martina Sanderson-Smith (SMAH), Spiros Miyakis (SMAH), Sebastien Miellet (SOC), Shahla Meedya (SMAH), Simeon Crawford (SMAH/Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District), Peter Newton (SMAH/Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District), Faisal Hai (EIS), Ping Yu (EIS), Nina Reynolds (BUS), Judy Mullan (SMAH), Janaye Fish (BUS/ Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District), Bostjan Gomiscek (BUS), Saniya Singh (PhD candidate).