Integrating Country, Indigenous consultation and engagement in research programs

A crucial step in enhancing global community equity and resilience is to address colonisation's lasting impact and promote respect and recognition of Indigenous cultures and heritage worldwide.

The University of Wollongong's Reconciliation Action Plan outlines the need to embed cultural protocols in all core university businesses, including research. The central issue is the inconsistency of ethical practices for working on Indigenous Country, largely influenced by disciplinary backgrounds and individual experiences.

The proposed project is a ‘proof-of-concept’ that aims to draw on interdisciplinary experience to address two areas, awareness and support. Awareness entails the establishment of provisional cultural training for field-based researchers to develop a sound awareness and understanding of the inseparability of Indigenous identity and the physical environment as 'living heritage’.

Support involves designing a "Country-centred" framework of guidelines and cultural protocols for respectful community interaction, facilitating effective engagement between researchers and Traditional Custodians. This project will be the first of many to enhance the cultural competence and ethical capability of UOW researchers and teaching academics, and contribute directly to the implementation of Aboriginal pedagogy and epistemology in UOW curriculum transformation.

 Healing and Recognition Track (HART)


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