Professor Pradeep Kumar Ray wearing a grey suit and tie.

2024 Dean's Distinguished Scholar Seminar Series

The world is now witnessing a spectacular rise of entrepreneurship involving technologies, such as mobile phones, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, geospatial information systems and social media. On the other hand, governments all over the world (particularly the low/medium-income countries) are facing severe resource constraints in their development. Although many Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) are working hard on various development projects in a number of social sectors (e.g., health, education, disabilities, poverty alleviation, environment etc.), there is substantial scope for technological innovations and their deployment for sustainable development. This talk is based on the recent book (2022) “Technology Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development" (eds. Pradeep Ray and Rajib Shaw). The book discusses the role of technology entrepreneurship in various sectors, such as education, well-being, climate, environment, and disaster management. The talk will present technology innovation and entrepreneurship from the perspectives of university education and multi-disciplinary research.

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