Molecular Horizons Seminar with Dr Carola Venturini

Molecular Horizons Seminar - Laila Abudulai (ThermoFisher Scientific)

The combination of imaging with flow cytometry is a powerful tool in scientific research; allowing in depth insight into cell morphological information in combination with quantitative flow cytometry data. The Invitrogen Attune CytPix Flow Cytometer combines acoustic focusing with a high-speed brightfield camera for simultaneous high throughput flow cytometry and high resolution brightfield imaging. Automated image analysis translates event features into distinct extended parameters that can be combined with standard flow cytometry parameters. 

For researchers who desire powerful tools for unbiased, data-driven cell population analysis, CytPix with the Attune Cytometric Software image analysis feature provides fast data collection with simultaneous bright field imaging and generates new image-based quantitative parameters using pre-trained learning models to improve gating strategy, reduced user variability, and deliver confidence in results.

The enhancement of flow cytometric analysis with images provides both accuracy and efficiency to results by integrating spatial and morphological data, providing consistent results and time savings while confirming gating strategy and gaining new insights.

Time change: 11:30-12:30pm