2023 Inaugural Shoalhaven Rural Health Research Conference

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  • Shoalhaven
    Ray Cleary Building, Shoalhaven Campus, George Evans Road, Mundamia

The Conference will include a day of presentations and workshops from Rural health care professionals, including keynote speaker Marlene Longbottom.

The day will be followed by a dinner at the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre.


2023 Inaugural Shoalhaven Rural Health Research Conference Program 


Connection and Capacity Building, is our first nationwide conference based specifically in the rural environment of the Shoalhaven. It will seek to unpack the many issues impacting often under serviced rural areas.  We are looking to consider the importance of mutually shared problems and approaches, including the sort of collaboration that can make a difference.

Through the contribution of invited speakers and voices from our sector, this conference will critically examine what works, highlight innovative practice, identify opportunities and threats, and continue the discussion on how the sector can build better support to our communities.   The Conference  aims to work in conjunction with the General Practice Research Education Network (GPREN) at University of Wollongong to promote and support research in health related fields and general practice.   The Conference will provide a forum where researchers can present their findings and hear about the latest work within their field. It is interdisciplinary so that it may bring together a broad variety of perspectives from academics, the industry and practitioners across rural related health care disciplines, and in doing so, it may help researchers forge new connections and build on their capacity for research.

Keynote Speaker

Associate Professor Marlene Longbottom
Principal Research Fellow, School of Medical, Indigenous and Health Sciences

Associate Professor Marlene Longbottom is a Yuin woman, from Roseby Park mission (Jerrinja) and is a Principal Research Fellow with the Ngarruwan Ngadju First Peoples Health & Wellbeing Research Centre at the University of Wollongong. Her research experience spans over a decade where she has collaboratively designed, implemented community‐based research and evaluation projects that is of benefit and priority driven by the Indigenous community. Dr Longbottom has extensive working experience in the health and human services sector with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in urban, regional and remote communities in New South Wales, Queensland and the Northern Territory. Dr Longbottom’s approach to research is emancipative, it unapologetically centres First Nations communities through a social justice lens, that is informed by Critical Indigenous Feminism, Indigenous Research Methodologies, Critical Theory, Critical Race Theory, Black Feminism and Intersectionality. Dr Longbottom’s focus is to ensure those often considered to be on the margins are centred, their stories and voices told and heard through the research she conducts.


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