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Molecular Horizons Seminar - Dr. Emma-Jayne Proctor and Dr. Lou Brillault

Emma-Jayne Proctor – The multiple applications of mass photometry: Mass photometry (MP) is a single-molecule method that enables label-free mass characterisation of nanomolar solutions of uniform or heterogeneous protein species in solution. MP has arange of applications, from informing on the oligomerisation state, homogeneity, and purity of proteins, to investigating the formation of molecular complexes. In this talk, I will describe detailed workflows using the Refeyn OneMP. I will show that we were able to use the Refeyn OneMP atMolecular Horizons to investigate the stoichiometry of molecular complexes, as well as identify the oligomerisation state, homogeneity, purity, and approximate molecular weights of a range of different proteins.

Lou Brillault – Using the Refeyn One MP mass-photometer - a new way to analyse the quality of your protein sample: The Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis (CMM) at the University of Queensland has recently introduced the Refeyn OneMP mass-photometer to its cryo-EM workflow for the analysis of protein sample quality. Mass-photometry uses interferometric scattering (iSCAT), amicroscopy method which uses the interference between the scattered light and reflected light from an illuminated sample, to determine protein size and mass. At CMM, this method has proven to nicely complement negative stain TEM and provides more information about samples before more intensive cryo-EM work is initiated.