International Students Masterclass – The Australian Job market and more!

We are very excited to have so many of our International Students back in the country and this session is just for you!

The one stop shop for everything you need to know about entering the Australian workplace, jammed into an action packed 90 minutes.

This session will cover:

- The Australian Resume- what needs to be included, and what does not make the cut. If you are applying for part time work or looking for a professional role - make sure your application meets the needs and the standards of Australian industry with these easy guidelines.
- Industry Information- How to find it, why you need it and how it helps you make better decisions for job search and career development.
- Your rights at work- Make sure you are getting all your workplace entitlements and understand what support is available. It might sound a bit boring, but this is where the good stuff is… yep we are talking about wages and conditions!