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    Recurs every day until Thursday 24th Nov 2022
  • Wollongong Campus
    Building 29 Theatre G04
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We’re going to tell you a story about cheating and just like every story before it, this story has two sides. Two sides that are full of nuance and subtlety. Two sides that represent intense personal experiences. Two sides that exist because the other one does. Two sides, two stories. Discuss, argue, compromise, agree, kiss and makeup.

Except, screw that. The other side is wrong.

Responding to Euripides’ ancient Greek tragedy Medea, Girls Drool is a dizzying fantasy that claws at, splits open, and utterly dissects the duress of a lover’s betrayal, leaving everything on the floor for your viewing pleasure.

WARNINGS: Coarse language, adult themes, strobe lighting, loud noises.

Cast: Casey Cleary, Samuel Noll, James Sutherland

Production and Stage Manager: James Sutherland and Domenic Hort

Sound Design: Lillian Woods

Lighting Design team: James Sutherland