Four teenagers hanging out in a bedroom with a laptop and microphone


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    Recurs every day until Saturday 12th Nov 2022
  • Wollongong Campus
    Building 29 Theatre G02
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Urban Dictionary defines a girlblogger as “a young female that owns an internet blog, in which she spreads very creative and cute content” (@Girlblogger 2021). We’d like to add that it’s also about posting your favourite things online. It’s like using the internet as your own personal diary.

girlblogging is a theatre event in which Crush Collective presents a collection of “creative and cute” performances, inspired by some of our favourite online things.

As digital natives, we’d like to invite you to girlblog with us in real time. Record us all you want. Post during the show. Put your friend on speaker in the crowd. We don’t care.

Inspired by various websites, viral videos and niche internet communities, girlblogging unfolds in a manner that is part music gig, part Tumblr dashboard, and part…’just hanging out’. It is a post-digital rendering of the performativity and sociability of the internet, IRL.

After two years of being online by ourselves, let’s go there together.

Warnings: Coarse language, haze, strobe effects, screens.

  • Cast: Sarah Bergman, Leah Herbert and Thomas Petersen
  • Vibes Coordinator: Ellen Houghton
  • Production and Stage Manager: Annika Bertinat
  • Sound Designer: Annika Bertinat
  • Lighting Designer: Jeremy Ainsworth
  • Sound/ AV Operator: Annika Bertinat
  • Honours Supervisor: Dr. Malcolm Whittaker