Careers Spotlight: Grow your career network

Growing a supportive career network generates opportunities, supports you in your career decisions and career development, and will be beneficial throughout your career.

In Autumn session, Careers Central are running Q&A drop-in and themed ‘spotlight’ group workshops for students who are completing the Ignite your Future program for final year students. The sessions are open to all students in the Ignite your Future program, and you do not need to complete the online modules or activities to attend. If you haven’t self-enrolled in the program yet, enrol now!

Under the guidance of one of our Student Career Development Specialists, you will learn how to grow your career network, learn what a networking pitch is and then develop your own networking pitch to make you stand out from the crowd.

Note: This is a group-based session. For individual career chats, personalised job application reviews or mock interviews please book here on the Careers Central website