Who's the Best?

Who's the Best?

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    Recurs every day until Saturday 6th Nov 2021
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Whilst not exactly what Ridout meant, there is something particularly wrong with theatre at the moment: it’s happening online rather than in person. Who’s the Best? leans into the absurdity and futility of this failure in order to seek out and revel in the theatricality of the wrongness. In so doing, the cast seek to rise about the failings of the situation and look to success, chiefly: which one of these third year graduating students is the best? It’s the question they and their audiences have been asking themselves and each other for the past three years, and in this show they get to the bottom of it, once and for all.

We can’t be in space together, but we can be in time together; bearing witness to the sort of absurd exercise in silliness that capitalism necessitates.

Inspired by the vanguard of the seriously silly and sillily serious in Australian theatre: post.

Directed by: Malcolm Whittaker

Written by: Malcolm Whittaker and Ellen Houghton, in collaboration with the cast of third-year Bachelor of Performance students

Assistant Director: Ellen Houghton

Cast: Irelish Barker, Toryn Beister, Alayna Dafter, Bryce Grover, Ashleigh James, Michael Ianni, Tyler Alexander Munday, Georgie Nicholls, Daniel Simpson, Bailey Tanks

Stage Manager: Simon Finnegan

Brains Trust: Alistair Davies, Jessica Henley-Sadgrove, Solomon Thomas