Weathering Strange Realities

Weathering Strange Realities

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Patterns emerge when we are boxed inside a frame, an algorithm, house, LGA, and epoch. Seems like the only way is through… Data rising and falling, a kind of reality, a known world, a redistribution of our virtual selves in the matrix. Our bodies becoming particles pushed into the atmosphere and entangled in a liaison with rare minerals, mass consumer markets, melting permafrosts and wayward intergalactic surveillance agents. Our precious personal identities, funnelled through privately owned cables and platforms. The boundary between science fiction and social reality is an optical illusion.

Directed by: Victoria Hunt

Co-devised, filmed and edited by: 2nd year Bachelor of Performance students

Cast: Adam Alkuheli, Kris Cetinic, Amy Clapham-Turnbull, Chloe Begbie, Clementine De La Hunty, Andrew Lewis, Mia Gibson, Sam MacKinnon, Thomas Roberts, Angel Sunil, Hannah Schibeci, Bill Wilson, Liam Wagstaffe

Stage Managers: Ellie Wedgewood, Mathew McDonald-Kearns

Sound and Editing Consultant: James Brown