UOWx Planning Sessions

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  • Online via Zoom
  • Contact Detailsuowx@uow.edu.au

Looking for more information about co-curricular opportunities and UOWx recognition?

Register for a online planning session to talk to the UOWx team and get advice tailored to you.

What will I do in a Online Planning Session?

In this 20 minute session students will:

  • Be given an overview of UOWx
  • Discuss skills self-assessment results
  • Identify co-curricular 'next steps' to help achieve your goals
  • Be given support to develop a co-curricular plan
  • Be able to ask any UOWx related questions

Who should book into an online planning session?

Any student who is…

  • Seeking more information about UOWx
  • Looking for co-curricular options to pursue, either during the time of remote delivery or for future sessions
  • Wants assistance in applying for UOWx offerings such as Learning Stream Milestones and the UOWx Award Program

Registrations are for students at all UOW onshore campuses.