UOW Skills Foundry: Developing Your Purpose-Based Future Plan

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Do you believe that everyone has a purpose? 

The recent pandemic has reminded us how closely our fortunes are linked and how important purpose is to individuals and organisations. Ignoring it comes at a cost because studies show that it’s central to personal wellbeing, organisational performance and creating strong and vibrant places to live.

Spending a small amount of time maximising purpose in your life is an investment that will pay off many times over.

Join Phil Preston for a half-day intensive program that will help you to align your business and personal life with your true purpose.

Phil helps you harness the power of purpose to grow your bottom line, bring greater meaning to your work and play a major role in overcoming our greatest challenges.

This event is suited to anyone at any career or life stage who may have been having recent thoughts about re-evaluating their business and personal lives and making an active change to lead life with purpose.

Workshop Agenda

  • Checking in - where are you at now?
  • Unpacking what motivates you
  • The role of purpose at work
  • Taking business impact to the next level
  • The 3-step secret sauce recipe!
  • Turbo-charging your impact
  • Your next step

Date: Wednesday 12 May 2021
Format: Interactive Online
Time: 9.00am to 12.00pm AEST
Cost: $52 inc. GST


Half day virtual workshop and;

All participants will also receive a discount code for Phil Preston’s book Connecting Profit With Purpose.

About the facilitator


Phil Preston left a comfortable corporate career where he oversaw $50 billion of investments to help companies go beyond symbolic acts of charity and align social and environmental challenges with core and profitable business. As an independent practitioner he is an expert in the purpose, shared value and collaboration fields and helps executives and leaders navigate the transition to the new economy, plus he is the author of Connecting Profit With Purpose.