Statistical Computing Course: An Introduction to SPSS

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  • Wollongong Campus
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  • Price$120 - $109 (internal)

A one day statistical computing course will be held for University of Wollongong students and staff. This course teaches statistical computing, not statistics. If you have not previously completed an introductory statistics subject you should consider doing the course “How to analyse data”.


  • defining variables;
  • graphical techniques;
  • saving data and output;
  • importing data;
  • computing new variables;
  • hypothesis testing: t-tests, proportions, two-way tables;
  • correlation;
  • linear regression.


  • $120 -$109 (internal)

Registration enquiries:

Instructor: Professor Marijka Batterham, Director, Statistical Consulting Centre

To enrol in this course please complete the enrolment form below and send, email, or give it to Lisa Pyle, by March 24, 2021. Enrolments will be taken strictly in order of receipt. The course
will not run if there are insufficient enrolments.

This course is run by the Statistical Consulting Centre and is supported by the Applied Statistics Education and Research Collaboration (ASEARC) through the National Institute of Applied Statistics Research Australia (NIASRA).