Ockham’s Razor – Live at the Science Space

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  • Innovation Campus (Wollongong)
    Science Space
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Ockham’s Razor is the ABC’s soapbox for all things scientific: stories, insights, arguments or tributes – anything that can grip an audience by the ears for 10 straight minutes.

Doors will open from 6:15pm. Grab a drink from the bar and explore the lower exhibition space. Talks kick off at 7:00pm in the Science Theatre.

Bookings essential. Tickets are $4 each.


For this evening of talks you’ll hear from a hand-picked roster of superb speakers, both UOW researchers and alumni, hosted by the ABC’s Lindsay McDougall (Drive, ABC Illawarra). Expect a jam-packed evening of short talks that will intrigue, excite and inspire.

Artificial muscles and medical devices

Professor Geoff Spinks, Senior Professor in Australian Institute for Innovative Materials

Geoff is currently Senior Professor in UOW’s Australian Institute for Innovative Materials located near Science Space on the Innovation Campus. He was recently announced as one of ten global winners in the Engineering and Technology category for Science Breakthrough of the Year 2021 at the Falling Walls Science Summit, for his world-leading Artificial Muscle Material research.

Artificial intelligence, sound design and creativity

Dr Thomas Birtchnell, Senior Lecturer in the School of Geography and Sustainable Communities

Dr Birtchnell is interested in the interface between sustainable urban development and technological innovation. His recent work focuses on possible futures involving the production innovation of 3D printing and the containerization distribution system. Thomas is a lecturer and researcher within UOW’s Australian Centre for Culture, Environment, Society and Space.

Fish behaviours and biodiversity

Dr Marian Wong, Senior Lecturer in the School of Earth, Atmospheric and Life Sciences and an active member of Centre for Sustainable Ecosystem Solutions

Marian’s researches the behavioural ecology and conservation behaviour of social fishes. She uses social fishes from both marine and freshwater environments to test key hypotheses relating to the evolution of conflict, cooperation, group-living and mating systems.

Children’s health, screen time and obesity

Senior Professor Tony Okely, Senior Professor in UOW’s School of Health and Society

Tony’s is an expert on movement behaviours (physical activity, sedentary behaviour, and sleep) in children, with a particular focus on low-and middle-income countries. He is the 6th most published researcher in the world on physical activity and children.

Archaeology, stone tools and evolution

Dr Sam Lin, Senior Lecturer in the School of Earth, Atmospheric and Life Sciences and ARC DECRA Fellow in the Centre for Archaeological Science

Sam is an archaeologist, interested in the study of human evolution through analysing stone tools. Stone tool provides a long record of human behaviour over the last 2-3 million years and over the last decade he has studied archaeological stone tools made by different hominin species from Europe, Africa, East Asia and Southeast Asia.

Agriculture and knowledge transfer through the generations

Kathryn Bowden, Author, Illustrator, Visual Artist, High school teacher and founder of The Art Mum

Kathryn grew up on a dairy farm on the South Coast and completed her Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Arts) and then and a Diploma of Education (Secondary Studies) at UOW. She is interested in inspiring children to engage in creative practices and to share her knowledge and love of agriculture.