I am good at handstands and making a mess of my room

I'm Good at Handstands & Making a Mess of My Room

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In a second, we will rush the gates of institutional learning and finally, forever flee. Off to build the buildings we will inhabit. Forge a new world. How will we live? What will we change and what will change us? Whose voice will we speak in? Who are the leaders, teachers, artists, scientists, lovers, gods we will look to for guidance, inspiration, community, love? Who do we want to be?

Grab your snorkels and wetsuits, comrades, let's swim beyond the shallows and see what's out there in the deep.

Concept and Direction by: Jane Phegan

Devised and Performed by: Melody Bitar, Natalie Branch, Deborah Furfaro, Elizabeth Guy, Tod Johnston, Kristen Jones, Mikayla Jones, Sepiso Munalula, Natalie Ristancevski, Derick Alba Rosa, Angela Tran, Maddy Traynor, Blake Wheatley.

Production Manager: Angela Tran

Film Consultant and Editor: Martin Fox

Additional Editing: Mikayla Jones and Angela Tran

Technical Support: Richard Montgomery and Jess Henley Sadgrove

Designed by: The ensemble