Career coaching : Straight to the next career

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Who said that career paths have to be in a straight line? It is often the twists and turns in our lives that help shape a clearer perspective on how we want to move forward.

In our career coaching session Straight to the next career UOW alumna, Natalie Dawes, will share her very colourful career path and how she incorporated her experiences to recharge and start her business Aliferous Leadership Strategies.

Natalie keeps close the advice her mother gave her in high school, that you work hard not to get the best job or the most money, but you work hard to create opportunities and choices. In our career coaching session, Natalie will explain the importance of understanding the difference and how to position yourself long term. 

What the career coaching session will cover

This workshop is ideal for young professionals and current students who are entering the workplace and looking for that edge to set them apart.  Natalie will equip you on how to represent your skills and expertise to your online network. This presentation will cover:

  • Preparing for your first real-world job
  • How to discover your potential
  • How to recharge after a burnout
  • How to leverage your life experiences
  • Q&A via the Zoom chat function

Meet the presenter

Natalie Dawes knows the highs and lows of leadership life both personally and professionally. After experiencing her own burnout, she created Aliferous Leadership Strategies to share her knowledge, experience and ideas with as many people as possible. Natalie is a solutions-focused storyteller and strategist and is committed helping others so that their own leadership capabilities can take flight.

With a long international leadership career, spanning small local business to major multinational corporations like Apple, as well as public service and the not-for-profit sector, Natalie has always been driven to unlock the potential of individuals to empower them, their organisations and their communities to flourish. She is an award-winning business leader, a popular public speaker and a passionate leadership coach.