A Tribute to Mary Midgley: A conversation between a poet and a philosopher about her legacy

MARY MIDGLEY (1919-2018)
British moral philosopher
Champion of animal rights
Critic of reductionism & scientism

Notes from a Biscuit Tin (Organisers: Rachael Wiseman & Clare MacCumhaill) is a year-long celebration of Mary Midgley’s philosophical vision.
On what would have been Midgley's 100th birthday, her biscuit tin began a 12 month round-theworld voyage. From this tin she dispensed wit, wisdom and ginger snaps to her visitors over many decades. At each venue a poet and a philosopher meet to share a conversation on a theme from Midgley’s work. The tin is now at UOW.

You are invited to join this conversation about scientism and the threat it poses to our idea of the human with poet David Musgrave and philosopher David Macarthur. The conversation will begin with the poet reading a commissioned poem on theme.