When SIP hits the fan

  • - - (Everyday)
  • Wollongong Campus
    Performance Space 25.168.
  • Contact Detailshost-taem@uow.edu.au

SIP productions take the form of 3 short works.

Crush explores the connections individuals have with others and how that influences our identity. When we have relationships, whether romantic or platonic, what are the things that we don’t say?

In a world where theatre is ruled by university syllabuses, assessment criteria, and dramaturgical analysis, one must beg the question, can an empty stage ever mean just that? Well luckily, Criterion is here to save the day with twenty minutes of entertainment for entertainment’s sake.

Emotions are complicated; those of stressed, wasted and confused uni students, even more so. In the Extremes shines a light on what it means to experience the best and worst of our emotional spectrum and how those extremes can be exacerbated by previous experiences, present circumstances, future longings, not to mention alcohol.