UOWx Leadership Series - Part 6

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The UOWx Leadership series is a six part series that aims to create a movement of leaders, working together to transform themselves and the world around them, through relentless action towards their greatest goals.

The workshops are short, powerful, group-learning experiences designed to take leadership & personal development theories, and turn them into action. Each workshop will be divided across two main themes: Mental Toughness & Dealing with Failure.

In each workshop, you’ll start by joining a group of motivated peers to watch a summary of a best-selling book from one of the series overarching themes. You will then work together to put the ideas into action to create and commit to an action plan to solve a challenge you are currently facing. The summaries are provided by Readitfor.me who have distilled and animated the key takeaways these best-selling titles.

This ActionClass workshop will focus on Dealing with Failure and feature the book The Upside of Stress.

The Upside of Stress by Kelly McGonigal:
Whether or not stress is harmful, it turns out it has a lot to do with how you view it.

For more information and to register, self enrol in the UOWx Leadership Series Moodle.