UOWx Leadership Series - Part 5

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The UOWx Leadership series is a six part series that aims to create a movement of leaders, working together to transform themselves and the world around them, through relentless action towards their greatest goals.

The workshops are short, powerful, group-learning experiences designed to take leadership & personal development theories, and turn them into action. Each workshop will be divided across two main themes: Mental Toughness & Dealing with Failure.

In each workshop, you’ll start by joining a group of motivated peers to watch a summary of a best-selling book from one of the series overarching themes. You will then work together to put the ideas into action to create and commit to an action plan to solve a challenge you are currently facing. The summaries are provided by Readitfor.me who have distilled and animated the key takeaways these best-selling titles.

This ActionClass workshop will focus on Dealing with Failure and feature the book Rising Strong.

Rising Strong by Brené Brown:
If you are playing a big game, you are going to fail. How you get back up again matters. Learn how to do it right.

For more information and to register, self enrol in the UOWx Leadership Series Moodle.