UOW Grad-U-Ready Series (Spring)

At your own pace you'll be taken through an online series of career development tasks, designed to help you develop career resilience, through the acquisition of new skills and knowledge, in order to adapt and be prepared for the ever-changing world of work.

You have the choice: complete 1 series per week OR do all 4 at once – whatever suits you:

Series 1: Getting to know yourself and the world of work.

Self-awareness is critical when you’re applying for jobs and entering the workplace so it’s important to really understand who you are and your style of work. You’ll also explore different career pathways and workplace cultural preferences.

Series 2: Now tell us about yourself (on paper).

Learn how to craft your resume and cover letter to sell your unique skillset and ensure you set yourself apart from the pack when applying for roles after graduation.

Series 3: Talk the talk.

Build your expertise and confidence in navigating the interview process, both online and in person; and learn more about your personal brand and how to finesse your elevator pitch to really impress at interviews.

Series 4: Looking back in order to look ahead.

It’s all about career resilience, motivation and developing a career action plan. It is optional for students to also explore self-employment.

You also have the option to join weekly group based career coaching sessions with a qualified Career Coach, if you want to delve a little deeper into your future career plans, and need more accountability for your learning. These sessions will be run online via WebEx and will further unpack:

  • Your understanding and exploration of different career pathways;
  • Learning about different ways you can build your professional experience by participating in a variety of co-curricular, Work Integrated Learning experiences;
  • Tips on preparing yourself for transitioning out of university and into the workforce; and
  • How to enhance your key capabilities in order to stand out to employers.

Career Coaches will also be on hand to answer your questions via chat in WebEx. The UOW-Grad-Ready Series is UOWx recognised and gives you access to the Jobs off Campus talent pool.